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Welcome to the website of the Enid Blyton Society. Formed in early 1995, the aim of the Society is to provide a focal point for collectors and enthusiasts of Enid Blyton through its magazine The Enid Blyton Society Journal, issued three times a year, its annual Enid Blyton Day, an event which attracts in excess of a hundred members, and its website. Most of the website is available to all, but Society Members have exclusive access to secret parts as well! Join the Society today and start receiving your copy of the Journal three times a year. Don't forget also that we have an Online Shop where you'll find back issues of the Journal as well as rare Enid Blyton biographies, guides and more.

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Posted by Margaret Fox on May 31, 2016
Hello Enid fans. I am trying to find a copy of The Fourth Bedside Book. There's a story about an empty dolls' house. Regards, Margaret.
Posted by Colin French on May 29, 2016
Hi all, can anyone shed any light on this amazing folding caravan that has recently been discovered, that Enid Blyton sold on in 1964? See this topic in the forums for the full story. Regards, Colin.
Posted by Fred Downes on May 23, 2016
Can you please advise me where I can buy the original hardback series of the Famous Five books? I would appreciate it if you can help me as I have been trying to track them down. They were a big part of my childhood and I would love to pass these stories onto my own two grandchildren. Many thanks, Fred.
BarneyBarney says: It may take some time to collect the lot but they often come up on eBay, Fred. Other places to try include second-hand bookshops, car boot sales, charity shops, Amazon and the sellers we've listed under Lashings of Links. Good luck with your search!
Posted by Michele Clark McConnochie on May 23, 2016
Hi, I am currently researching a travel book based on the homes of famous children's authors, sites that inspired them or the locations of their work. The only place I can find to visit linked to Enid Blyton is the pub in Knotty Green. Does anyone have other suggestions? I am travelling during July and August this year but am doing my background research at the moment. Thanks for any suggestions!
BarneyBarney says: Enid Blyton's home in Well End (Old Thatch in Coldmoorholme Lane) still exists but the gardens are sadly no longer open to the public. Certain aspects of Bourne End/Well End are thought to have found their way into the Find-Outers books, e.g. the river-path leading to Marlow is mentioned in some stories. The houses where Enid lived in Beckenham also still exist, but I don't know of any link to her stories and they're mostly very ordinary-looking. Corfe Castle is mentioned in Adventure of the Strange Ruby, and Enid's farm and golf club (both in Dorset) feature in Five on Finniston Farm and Five Have a Mystery to Solve respectively. Most of Blyton's settings weren't based firmly on real-life places, however.
Posted by Gail on May 22, 2016
I am DESPERATE to discover the British sales figures for Enid Blyton books between 1947-1957. I'll also need figures (if possible!) from public libraries! This request concerns the research for my dissertation subject for my degree, but so far I've had no success finding out if/where/how book sales were recorded/stored way back then! If ANYONE has ANY knowledge or suggestions I will be very grateful.

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