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Posted by Jane on October 21, 2014
Hi, I have been scouring sites for the Adventure Game 8 book series and I ordered one and it came without all the equipment. Does anyone know where I can get these from please? I just want to have a little bit of my childhood and be able to pass it on to my niece xxx Thanks x
BarneyBarney says: I'm very sorry you didn't receive the equipment, Jane. You frequently find the book without the equipment (which has often got lost over the years) but it's hard to find the equipment without the book. If you decide to buy any more of these games, it's worth contacting the seller to ensure that all pieces of equipment are present before buying.
Posted by Aminmec on October 20, 2014
Hello Shailaja. Nice to learn you are a Blyton fan from India like me. It would be great to exchange more information. Do message me if you wish. Thanks.
Posted by Sue Webster on October 20, 2014
Hi Ana. Glad to hear you would like the books. When you have signed up on the forums and sent me your address in a private message then I can send the books off to you. Cheers.
Posted by Ana on October 18, 2014
Hi Sue! Sorry for the (very, very) late reply! :D Four years, that's a lot of time! I would LOVE to have those books, but I've tried getting some books from Amazon, I got them, but after a lot of problems, turns out there's some technical difficulty or something in the post office. Thank you so much, Sue, for offering! :D (I don't know how to send a PM by the, Barney?)
BarneyBarney says: Are you a member of the forums, Ana? If not, you'll need to register (it's free of charge). Sue is on the forums as "Susan Webster", and you can click on her name and send her a PM (private message).
Posted by Shailaja on October 17, 2014
Hi, I am Shailaja from Mumbai, India. I am so thrilled to know that an Enid Blyton Society exists. I spent my childhood reading all her books and my favorites were the "Five Find-Outers" and the "Famous Five" series. They introduced me to the wonderful world of books. They gave me a chance for imagination and I enjoyed narrating them to others. I am 51 years old but still enjoy these books even now and encourage children to read them. Truly books can reach any part of the world and bring immense joy.
BarneyBarney says: It's good to hear from you, Shailaja, and to know that you're passing on your love of Enid Blyton to others.
Posted by Cathy on October 16, 2014
To Paula - the Shuddering Mountain and Whispering Island games are for sale on, there are a few listed as very good condition and they are very cheap. Admittedly you'll be buying the whole game again but at least you'll have all the bits!
BarneyBarney says: Thank you, Cathy. You're as good as a dog any day!
Posted by Sue Webster on October 16, 2014
Hi Ana. Has it been 4 years since I said I could have sent you some books - 2010? Well, I do have some books if you would like them. I have First Form at Malory Towers, Fifth Formers at St.Clare's and Claudine at St. Clare's by Enid Blyton and The Sixth Form at St. Clare's by Pamela Cox. if you would like them can you send me a private message through the forums with your full name and address, and I will send them.
Posted by Paula on October 15, 2014
I have the Shuddering Mountain game book and the Whispering Island game book but am missing the equipment cards for these (lunch box, torch card, etc...) Does anyone know where I can get them? I tried to print them off but cannot match the size of the torch and compass and I'm also missing the dice. My 8 year old daughter loves those books and wants to read nothing else. Thank you.
Posted by Nadia on October 15, 2014
Hello! I have ordered the book The Mystery of Banshee Towers which is the last of the Find-Outers books :( ... I can't wait to read it because the Find-Outers series (in my opinion) is Enid's most exciting and fun series of books. I have loved every single one of them :) P.S. I'm so glad this site exists. It shows me that heaps of people from around the world still love Enid's books, just like me! From Nadia.
BarneyBarney says: I'm glad you like the website, Nadia. Enjoy reading the book!
Posted by Peter on October 14, 2014
Thanks, Barney. Apparently Peter and stoat go to the bottom of the garden, they hold hands and fly off to the Land of Always. Gnomes paint wings of butterflies. Ring any bells, please?
BarneyBarney says: I hope someone can help, Peter. Just in case the story might be by another author, there is a book listed on Amazon called Wings! or The Land of Always-Will-Be by Winifred A. Cook. I've no idea what it's about though!
Posted by Gill on October 14, 2014
Could you tell me if a printer's error on the front of an annual makes it more collectable? I have a 1980 annual with the date missing. Thank you.
BarneyBarney says: Things like that are quite interesting but rarely add to the value - unlike with stamps which have mistakes!
Posted by Peter on October 13, 2014
Hi. My wife loves Enid Blyton books and wants The Land of Always. Could anyone give me any information please? Bought the DVD of The Faraway Tree. Also found the book but no information on "Always". Many thanks.
BarneyBarney says: Your wife might be thinking of The Land of Far-Beyond, Peter. Spoiler warning: The review in the Cave of Books gives away the plot.
Posted by Kate F. on October 13, 2014
Just read Five on a Treasure Island after reading that the Famous Five were Alan Cumming's fave childhood books. Curious, it was published in 1942, yet no mention of WWII raging, gas or food rationing, father and uncle not in British Military, family on vacation in Dorset and Scotland travelling in "large car"...was this explained when the first book was published? Are there any other "Five" books that mention the war? Very curious.
BarneyBarney says: Is Dorset mentioned in Five on a Treasure Island? I don't recall that. Enid Blyton's books are often unashamedly escapist, taking young readers away from life's troubles while at the same time keeping them on the edge of their seats. The world of Five on a Treasure Island is idyllic, depicting life in a little seaside village in a warless early 1940s.
Posted by Julie@owlsdene on October 13, 2014
I wonder what's happened to 'please' and 'thank you' these days!!!
BarneyBarney says: Maybe Enid Blyton's story Polly's Ps and Qs ought to be required reading!
Posted by Eishan Khandait on October 11, 2014
I want analysis, summary and an explanation of the poem 'The Caterpillar and Butterfly' by Enid Blyton. A student of South Point, Kolkata.
BarneyBarney says: You'd better read it, analyse it and write up your thoughts, then!
Posted by JWG on October 11, 2014
I remember a television version of The Island of Adventure... only a submarine was sunk at the end and the uncle turned out to be somewhat murderous (and ends up being knocked down a well). Is this correct? Or is my memory wandering?
BarneyBarney says: You're thinking of the 1982 TV film of The Island of Adventure. It does feature a submarine and a murderous character who is knocked down a well - though the murderous character is not the uncle. Unfortunately, the video is hard to obtain and the film has never been released on DVD.
Posted by Paris on October 10, 2014
Hi Barney! I don't know if you'll remember me, but I used to post a lot on this site about a year ago. I have a dog called Barney, if that helps. I've been rereading a lot of Enid's books, and thought of this website. I just wish that she was still alive and writing, but hey! She has written so many fabulous books that it doesn't really matter. Paris
BarneyBarney says: I remember you, Paris! A friendly wuff and a wag of the tail from Barney to Barney!
Posted by Ana on October 9, 2014
Ahoy there, Barney! You calling me a bookworm is a GREAT compliment, thanks! :D I was scrolling through messages of 2010, feeling so immature looking at messages of back then! I mean, seriously? Asking you if you were real and can type? Bet you used to think I'm pretty strange. And as I scrolled with spotlight search, I saw messages that I had never answered. :( I feel so guilty. Sue, if you're hopefully reading this right now, I just want to say that I would have been VERY glad if you had sent me some books if I had read your messages. Hiba, yes I am from Qatar. By golly I feel so upset, anyway. Thanks for posting this, Barney. Cheers, Ana.
BarneyBarney says: People think I'm "pretty strange", being a typing dog who reads books! ;-)
Posted by Ana on October 8, 2014
Hello Barney! Hadn't time to come on much, homework and stuff. I'm really, really proud to say that I've finished all the Enid Blyton books I could think of or that were available for sale! Do you know any other books like Enid's that I could read? I'm currently reading the Narnia series, and they're great! After that I'm probably going to read Hunger Games. I just wish Enid was alive and writing. :( Oh well, she left behind a long trail of glory. Rest in Peace Enid Blyton.
BarneyBarney says: You are a bookworm, Ana! I don't know what you've read already, but if you like older adventure books you might enjoy Malcolm Saville (Lone Pine series and Jillies series) and Arthur Ransome (Swallows and Amazons series). If you're a fan of C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia you might also enjoy books by E. Nesbit (e.g. The Enchanted Castle and the Five Children and It series). Thinking about modern authors, Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider series is very popular. Alex Rider has one exciting and fast-paced adventure after another. You might also like the Joshua Files series by M. G. Harris.
Posted by Julie on October 8, 2014
Hello. My brother Dan will be 50 next month. When he was born I was reading an Enid Blyton tale about a gnome called Diggitty Dan. To this day, my brother is known as Digs. Would love to find him the collection with the story of Diggitty Dan in it but can't remember which collection it was. Have searched and Googled Diggitty Dan with no luck. If anyone can help I would be delighted. Thank you.
BarneyBarney says: I hope someone is able to help, Julie.
Posted by Lubaina Bandukwla on October 5, 2014
Hi. Just wondering, is the "Riddle" series (The Riddle of the Rajah's Ruby etc.) an original Enid Blyton series, or is it a series that has been written like so many new Malory Towers, Noddy etc. under her "brand"?
BarneyBarney says: The "Riddle" series was created in 1997 from six stand-alone books by Enid Blyton. Each book was re-written to form a series featuring the same characters. The Riddle of the Rajah's Ruby was originally Adventure of the Strange Ruby.
Posted by Nadia on October 1, 2014
Hello! I just had a thought - where did Enid's parents get the name 'Enid' from? Thanks, from Nadia.
BarneyBarney says: I don't know why they decided on that name, but it was more popular in days gone by than it is now.
Posted by Dinuri on October 1, 2014
I love reading your stories, especially the Famous Five and the Mystery series. Is it hard writing all of those books?
BarneyBarney says: Enid Blyton died in 1968 but the best of her lives on in her books, which continue to enthrall children worldwide. She found that stories flowed readily out of her mind, almost faster than she could type, and she was capable of writing a Famous Five book in about five days.
Posted by Rupsa Mitra on September 26, 2014
Hello, meeting you all after a long time. I just finished reading 'Thirteen O' Clock'. What is a daffodil clock?
BarneyBarney says: I think you mean a dandelion clock, Rupsa! As explained in the story, the dandelion forms a head of fluffy white seeds. It's customary to pick a dandelion and blow hard at it until all the seeds are gone. You count how many puffs it takes, and that's supposed to tell you what "o'clock" it is - e.g. if it takes five puffs before all the seeds are gone, it's five o' clock!
Posted by Paul on September 25, 2014
I don't know if Enid Blyton knew this when writing the Secret Seven but the name Pamela is a literary name - like Vanessa and Jessica and Arline, it was invented for a book or poem or play or opera.
Posted by Farwa on September 21, 2014
Hi Barney, are the Enid Blyton Society and '' website in any way related?
BarneyBarney says: They're separate but we tend to think of as our "sister site". was set up by Keith Robinson, who is also the webmaster for this website.
Posted by Linda De Permentier on September 20, 2014
As a child (45 years ago) I read The Green Storybook in the Dutch version. I've been searching for years to find a copy, but without success. Finally I find this site and hope someone one can advise me if copies are still available and where. Thanks in advance. I'm from Belgium, Antwerp region.
BarneyBarney says: Good luck with your search, Linda. Is there a Dutch eBay or equivalent, where you could look out for the book? If not, I hope someone can help.
Posted by Prachi on September 19, 2014
Enid Blyton, I am a great fan of your books since my childhood days. Your books have always been very amazing. LOVE YOU.
Posted by Pip on September 19, 2014
Many thanks, Barney, for your reply. I have purchased a copy of The Land of Far-Beyond and look forward to reading it for my friend. :)
BarneyBarney says: That's great, Pip! I'm sure your friend will find it very special.
Posted by Pip on September 17, 2014
A friend of mine who is nearly blind would like to hear The Land of Far-Beyond. Has it ever been recorded on audio of any format, please?
BarneyBarney says: I'm afraid I haven't heard of an audio version of that book. If there isn't one available, maybe you could get a copy of the book and record yourself (or someone else) reading it? It's a great story.
Posted by Louise on September 16, 2014
Hi, is The Land of Far-Beyond, first published in 1942, a first edition if it's published by Methuen and Co Ltd, London? Kindest regards, Lou.
BarneyBarney says: Not necessarily as there may have been a number of printings, but it should have the original text.
Posted by Crystallmaze on September 14, 2014
Does anyone have any of the original Mary Mouse strip books for sale? These were illustrated by Olive Openshaw. As a child my mother bought me the complete set ( costing 1/-) but over the years they have been lent out and sadly not returned. I would be very grateful to know if anyone still has these lurking in a cupboard.
BarneyBarney says: I hope someone is able to help, but your message might be seen by more people if you put it in the "Wanted" section of our forums.
Posted by Pollyanna on September 9, 2014
Regarding the poem, I managed to get the correct first two lines from my Mother and then was able to track it down. It is called 'The Face' and was actually written by Edward Wyndham Tennant, a First World War poet! Still, at least she has the poem now. I still love Enid Blyton books. They were one of the things I made sure weren't thrown away when I moved recently, despite my sister's best efforts!
BarneyBarney says: Thank you for letting us know, Pollyanna. I'm glad you were able to track down the poem - and save your Enid Blyton books!
Posted by Mudit on September 6, 2014
I want to read Five Find-Outers books written by people other than Enid Blyton because I have read the real ones 40 times each! Help!
BarneyBarney says: If you joined the Enid Blyton Society you would be able to enter the Secret Passage on this website. We have a lot of continuation novels there, including Find-Outers books written by Trevor Bolton, Robert Houghton and Julie Heginbotham.
Posted by Afrin on September 3, 2014
Enid Blyton wrote the best books in the world. I love her books. I almost have all of them.
Posted by Pollyanna on September 2, 2014
My mum, who is 94, is continually trying to remember a poem she thinks was written by Enid Blyton. It is about a wonderful face, fairest of faces, and ends along the lines of 'and whose is this face - my mother's'. Can anyone help, please, as she thinks I can find anything on the net for her! Thanks.
BarneyBarney says: I hope someone recognises the poem, Pollyanna.
Posted by Shruti on September 2, 2014
SORRY Barney, I forgot to mention my hometown. I am from Odisha, India. Thanks to Sudarshan. If I ever get a chance to go to Bangalore I'll surely check out the place he mentions.
Posted by Farwa on August 31, 2014
Did Enid Blyton write any other song books?
BarneyBarney says: Yes, take a look in the Cave!
Posted by Rupsa Mitra on August 30, 2014
Barney, did Enid Blyton write any songs?
BarneyBarney says: Yes, Enid Blyton wrote a number of songs. Often she only wrote the lyrics but sometimes she composed the tunes as well, eg. for Responsive Singing Games (1923).
Posted by Lesley Caffrey Leukaemia Charity Shop on August 29, 2014
Hi, I was wondering if you could give me a rough idea on the price for the little books listed below as we are a charity shop raising funds for leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and naturally I would like to get as much money as possible for them. The Noddy Shop Books no 5, 3, 2, 1. Kindest, Lesley
BarneyBarney says: I'm afraid we're unable to give valuations, and these books are difficult as they originally belonged to a boxed set of five books which was brought out in 1958. You can get an idea of the price by looking at listings of those books on sites like eBay and Abebooks. Good luck with the sale!
Posted by Shruti on August 28, 2014
Thanks for replying, Barney, but Amazon or eBay India hardly have a good collection of used books. I will keep on looking in the used book shops for now.
BarneyBarney says: I hope you find some more Enid Blyton books, Shruti. Sudarshan has posted about a bookshop in Bangalore, but you don't say what part of India you're from.
Posted by Sudarshan on August 28, 2014
Has Blyton ma'm written any book(s) in any other language than English? Shruthi, if you live in Bangalore you have an extraordinary bookstore that has a grand collection of Blyton books. I just bought two second-hand Mystery books (Five Find-Outers and Dog) today! It's in 10th Cross Malleshwaram Bangalore. Good luck.
BarneyBarney says: Enid Blyton wrote her books in English but they have been translated into many other languages.
Posted by Nadia on August 28, 2014
It's good to hear that The Island of Adventure won an award! I just finished that book a few days ago and it was AMAZING. I now want a pet bird that talks - just like Jack had in the story.
BarneyBarney says: I must admit that Kiki is almost as good as a dog!
Posted by Shruti on August 27, 2014
Friends, anyone from India please kindly suggest where can I get old or used editions of Enid's books. I have exhausted all used book shops near my place and it has been about a year since I laid my eyes on a Blyton book.
BarneyBarney says: If you can't find second-hand Enid Blyton books locally, why not try online sites like eBay or Amazon or equivalent?
Posted by Sox on August 27, 2014
Found the Faraway Tree and it brought me back to my childhood days. I imagine what it looks like on the big was fantastic! Thank you for this webpage. Glad that there is something to remember Enid Blyton by.
BarneyBarney says: I've been looking for the Faraway Tree all my life!
Posted by Nadia on August 27, 2014
Did any of Enid Blyton's books win awards? If so, which ones?
BarneyBarney says: The only literary award Enid Blyton ever received was in America, for Mystery Island (The Island of Adventure retitled). It was awarded a prize by the Boys' Club of America for being one of the six most popular books of 1947.
Posted by Dr. Soheyl Sheikh on August 25, 2014
Nice to see this site. Didn't know it existed. I'm a 45 year old who has grown up on Enid Blyton's books. Last vacation, I'd gone home to visit my parents and got out my book collection, of which around 200 of them were Enid Blyton's. I re-read The Secret Island and was transported back to my childhood, when, unlike now, we as children would be in the frame of mind as Enid Blyton would put it, "Oh tomorrow, do come quickly!" She was a genius.
Posted by Darlene on August 24, 2014
I didn't know anything about Enid Blyton books until one day my grandson received one in the mail from the Create organazion for children who are in care. Anyway he loves them, and is intending to do a 3 minute public speaking speech about the Marshmallows Land from the Faraway Tree book. Good job everyone.
BarneyBarney says: I'm glad your grandson is enjoying the books, Darlene. Good luck to him with his speech!
Posted by Barney on August 22, 2014
Hi, it's Barney here. Except for writing replies I don't often post on my own Message Board, but I thought I'd better point out that a number of messages people have sent haven't made it onto the board lately. In some cases the writer hadn't put a proper email address, and in other cases the messages amounted to little more than chit-chat between friends. If you want your message to be approved, please include a genuine email address and make sure that your message is appropriate for an Enid Blyton website. A wuff of thanks in advance! Barney
Posted by Sue on August 20, 2014
I wish they would bring out all the Enid Blyton books on DVD not animated.
BarneyBarney says: They'd have to film them first!