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Tune in to The Mystery of the Silver Cup. This full-length weekly serial is written by Julie Heginbotham and based on Enid Blyton's original characters.

The Society Archives

If you can't stand to wait for the next chapter of the current serial, we now have over a dozen full-length downloadable novels available in the Weekly Serial section, available to members only. These serials are based on Enid Blyton's most popular series featuring the Five Find-Outers, the Secret Seven, the Famous Five, the Adventurous Four, the girls from Malory Towers, plus the children from the Barney Mysteries and Adventure series. There's also a sequel to The Boy Next Door.

The Society Archives

The Society has an extensive archive of Blyton items, from original manuscripts, letters, illustrations, rare ephemera and merchandise, to personal items of Enid's, such as her passport, diaries and workbooks.

The Society Photo Album

We also have a collection of personal photographs donated by Enid Blyton's daughter Gillian Baverstock. There are presently 42 photographs in our album.