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Enid Blyton's Stories for You (No. 14)
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First edition: 1966
Publisher: Dean
Illustrator: Uncredited
Category: Dean's Reward Series
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. The Quiet Little Boy
    Story: Sunny Stories No.505 Apr 20, 1951
  2. The Very Fierce Carpenter
    Story: The Twelfth Holiday Book
  3. The Bit of Barley-Sugar
    Story: Enid Blyton's Tenth Bedside Book
  4. The Storm
    Poem: Teachers World No.1875 May 3, 1939
  5. Funny Little Mankie
    Story: Enid Blyton's Tenth Bedside Book
  6. Mr. Squiggle
    Story: Stories for Tuesday
  7. The Rain
    Poem: Teachers World No.1864 Feb 15, 1939
  8. He Wanted Adventures!
    Story: Tales at Bedtime
  9. Waking Up
    Poem: untraced
  10. The Big Dog
    Story: Teachers World No.1648 Dec 26, 1934
  11. The Friendly Toad
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.79 Jul 15, 1938
  12. The Great Big Bone!
    Story: Teachers World No.1696 Nov 27, 1935
  13. The Vowel Dolls
    Story: Teachers World No.1793 Oct 6, 1937
  14. "A Lark in a Cage . . ."
    Story: Teachers World No.1823 May 4, 1938
  15. The Horse, the Wasp and the Donkey
    Story: Teachers World No.1689 Oct 9, 1935
  16. The Wrong Berries
    Story: Teachers World No.1585 Oct 11, 1933
  17. The Old Red Stocking
    Story: Teachers World No.1596 Dec 27, 1933
  18. Tom's Mackintosh
    Story: Teachers World No.1885 Jul 12, 1939
  19. You're a Bully!
    Story: Sunny Stories No.553 Feb 19, 1953
  20. The Quarrel in the Playroom
    Story: Sunny Stories No.546 Nov 14, 1952
  21. A Noise in the Night
    Story: Daily Mail Annual for Boys and Girls Oct 1952
The 1st edition of this book has 14 titles listed on the back of the dustwrapper (Nos. 1 to 14). Any dates inside the books are irrelevant and will not help identify a 1st edition.