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Posted by Paul Austin on September 29, 2016
Just reading through St Clare's and got to Claudine at St Clare's. I adore Claudine. But mention on page 4 is made of Alison in the Third Form losing her heart to the head-girl and making herself a perfect nuisance to her. Have I missed a book out? They're in the First Form for ages with The Twins at St Clare's, The O'Sullivan Twins and Summer Term at St Clare's. Then The Second Form at St Clare's and now I'm on to Claudine and last is Fifth Formers at St Clare's. What have I missed?
BarneyBarney says: Enid Blyton sometimes refers to incidents that she didn't actually write about. Pamela Cox wrote three additional St Clare's titles - The Third Form at St Clare's, Kitty at St Clare's and The Sixth Form at St Clare's. I think the first two of those are set in the third form, so maybe Pamela Cox has used the story of Alison losing her heart to the head-girl?
Posted by Nilay on September 28, 2016
i am 10 and Enids no 1 fan. I like faumous five the best,and my dream is to become an author like her. how should I become a member?is it free?soon ill buy copies.thank you barney!well sorry for all those gramatical and spellind mistakes. I am preety bad at them.
BarneyBarney says: I've put your message up mistakes and all, Nilay - otherwise your final two sentences wouldn't make sense. Besides, it would make my paws sore correcting everything! If your dream is to become an author, keep working on your spelling and punctuation. Words are your tools! Joining the Enid Blyton Society involves subscribing to the Journal - click on our 'Fireside Journal' button for details. However, our discussion forum can be joined free of charge - click on 'join in' at the bottom of this page. It's worth pointing out, however, that the Enid Blyton Society and forum are aimed mainly at grown-ups who still love Enid Blyton, although a few older children do subscribe or visit.
Posted by Shruti on September 27, 2016
If there are no plot changes then I am okay with my copy. However, I will be on the lookout for the one with the original text. Thank you Barney for your help.
BarneyBarney says: Enjoy the book, Shruti! Whether it features Jo-Jo or Joe, The Island of Adventure is an exciting story with a fantastic setting.
Posted by Shruti on September 27, 2016
Hello everyone, I just got a second hand copy of The Island of Adventure. It is mentioned that it was revised in 1988, and reprinted in 1996. A bit of researching revealed that the villain has been renamed as Joe. Are there any major changes to the text? Should I look out for another edition if I want the almost original feel of the story? If so... which one? Please reply, Barney. Many thanks in advance.
BarneyBarney says: There were no plot changes, Shruti, so the story will be the same. However, I believe that alterations were also made to the colours of the rocks. If you want the original text, look for a copy in which "Joe" is a black man named Jo-Jo.
Posted by Jill Bulman on September 25, 2016
When I was about five years old in 1950 my mother (who came from Ireland just before the War to nurse) gave me a book she loved in her childhood, called Shadow the Sheepdog by Enid Blyton. I loved it and treasured it. However, when I was nursing I gave it to a little girl who was very sad as she had been in hospital quite a long time. However, she left unexpectedly and I never saw my book again. Can you tell me when this book was first published? I would love to get one that was just like the one I had. Thank you.
BarneyBarney says: It's one of my favourite books, Jill, as the main character is so friendly, brave and intelligent! You can see the first edition and reprints here.

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