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The Enid Blyton Storybook for Fives to Sevens
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First edition: 1964
Publisher: Max Parrish
Illustrator: Dorothy Hall and Grace Shelton
Category: Non-Series Books
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. Little Dog Trotter
    Story: Stories for Monday
  2. Buttons and Bows
    Story: Stories for Monday
  3. The Little Tease!
    Story: Stories for Monday
  4. Speak Out!
    Story: Stories for Monday
  5. She Never Could Remember
    Story: Stories for Tuesday
  6. A Hole in Her Pocket
    Story: Stories for Tuesday
  7. A Tale of Two Boys and a Kitten
    Story: Stories for Tuesday
  8. They Didn't Do What They Said
    Story: Stories for Tuesday
  9. A Tale of Two Cowards
    Story: Stories for Tuesday
  10. A Hat for Little-Bear
    Story: Sunny Stories No.548 Dec 12, 1952
  11. Puss! Puss! Puss!
    Story: Sunny Stories No.544 Oct 17, 1952
  12. Mr. Twiddle's Trumpet
    Story: Sunny Stories No.546 Nov 14, 1952
  13. Well Done, Kite!
    Story: Sunny Stories No.537 Jun 11, 1952
  14. It's Pouring with Rain!
    Story: Sunny Stories No.537 Jul 11, 1952
  15. Let's Play Red Indians!
    Story: Daily Mail
  16. Where's My Skipping-rope?
    Story: Sunny Stories No.545 Oct 31, 1952
  17. Tiptap's Little Trick
    Story: Sunny Stories No.538 Jul 25, 1952
  18. A Lovely Thing To Do
    Story: Sunny Stories No.521 Nov 30, 1951
  19. The Funny Balloon-Face
    Story: Sunny Stories No.522 Dec 14, 1951
  20. Mr. Stamp-About
    Story: Sunny Stories No.523 Dec 28, 1951
  21. It Happened One Night
    Story: Sunny Stories No.523 Dec 28, 1951
  22. Daddy's Jig-saw Puzzle
    Story: Sunny Stories No.550 Jan 9, 1953