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Billy-Bob Tales
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First edition: 1938
Publisher: Methuen
Illustrator: May Smith
Category: One-off Character Books
Genre: Family
Type: Short Story Books

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List of Contents

  1. Billy-Bob and Belinda Go Shopping
    Story: Specially Written
  2. Billy-Bob Has a Surprise
    Story: Specially Written
  3. Billy-Bob Does Some Gardening
    Story: Specially Written
  4. Wags Gets Into Trouble
    Story: Specially Written
  5. Billy-Bob Goes For a Picnic
    Story: Specially Written
  6. Billy-Bob and the Kite
    Story: Specially Written
  7. Billy-Bob and the Pink Teapot
    Story: Specially Written
  8. Billy-Bob's Mother Has a Birthday
    Story: Specially Written
  9. No Jam For Tea
    Story: Sunny Stories No.53 Jan 14, 1938
  10. The Big Naughty Boy
    Story: Sunny Stories No.55 Jan 28, 1938
  11. Billy-Bob Goes to a Party
    Story: Sunny Stories No.56 Feb 4, 1938
  12. Billy-Bob Loses Wags
    Story: Sunny Stories No.58 Feb 18, 1938
  13. Safe in Billy-Bob's Pocket
    Story: Sunny Stories No.59 Feb 25, 1938
  14. Billy-Bob and the Gobbler
    Story: Sunny Stories No.60 Mar 4, 1938
  15. The New Little Kitten
    Story: Sunny Stories No.61 Mar 11, 1938
  16. Belinda's Birthday-House
    Story: Sunny Stories No 63 Mar 25, 1938
  17. The Mysterious Thief
    Story: Sunny Stories No.64 Apr 1,1938