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The Riddle of the Hollow Tree
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First edition: 1997
Publisher: HarperCollins
Cover Art: Richard Jones
Illustrator: not illustrated
Category: Riddles Series
Genre: Mystery/Adventure
Type: Continuation Books

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Publication Date: December 1st 1997
Paperback: 207 pages
ISBN-10: 0006945767
ISBN-13: 9780006945765

Brief Summary: Nick and Katie are sent to live with an uncle and aunt but Aunt Margaret does not make the children feel at all welcome. The children soon befriend young Laura, a neighbour, but with nowhere to go, the two decide to run away and make a new home in the woods. Laura and her dog, Russet, are the only ones who know their secret and are bringing them provisions. Suddenly, disaster strikes and Laura is no longer there . . . Will Nick and Katie reveal their hiding place, and what will become of them once they do?