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The Little Toy Engine and Other Stories
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First edition: 1989
Publisher: Award
Illustrator: Dorothy Hamilton
Category: Award Popular Rewards
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. Corovell, the Children's Dustman
    Story: Tarrydiddle Town
  2. The Little Toy Engine
    Story: Hello Twins
  3. The Crown of Gold
    Story: Tarrydiddle Town
  4. When the Bus Was Full
    Story: Trouble For the Twins
  5. The Boy Who Didn't Believe
    Story: Tarrydiddle Town
  6. Morning Mist and Starshine
    Story: Tarrydiddle Town
  7. My Nut I Think!
    Story: Nature Tales
  8. They Really Were Sorry
    Story: Trouble For the Twins
  9. What No Cheese!
    Story: Jolly Tales
  10. Hoo-Hoo's Party
    Story: The Button Elves
  11. Adventures Under the Sea
    Story: Tarrydiddle Town
  12. Tarrydiddle Town
    Story: Tarrydiddle Town
  13. Gillian and the Lamb
    Story: Tales of Old Thatch
  14. 'I'm Going Away!'
    Story: The Golliwog Grumbled
  15. Who Was the Nibbler?
    Story: What a Surprise
  16. A Lovely Welcome Home
    Story: Tarrydiddle Town
  17. The Tale of Kimmy Cat
    Story: The Magic Snow-Bird
  18. The Lambikin [The Lambikin in the Drummikin]
    Story: The Two Sillies
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