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Volume XXVIII. Issue 931. Evans Brothers. November 3, 1922.
(p 294) (6v X 4)
(ill Phyllis Chase)
Up in London Town the shops are full of lovely things,
Teddy Bears and motor cars, and fairy dolls with wings,
A Christmas Story for Boys and Girls
The Stolen Reindeer
(p 296-7 & 321)
(ill Phyllis Chase)
Santa Claus drove up to Toyland a week before Christmas. "Woa! Woa!" he cried to his eight...
(p 318) (6v X 4)
(ill Phyllis Chase)
November in the country, and the trees are bare and cold,
And underneath the hedges huddle leaves, forlorn and old,
Uncollected Poems and Story illustrated by Phyllis Chase