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Volume XXXIV. Issue 1132. Evans Brothers. December 23, 1925.
Christmas Eve
(p 613) (19 lines)
(ill G.M. Rees)
(written 3/11/25)
On Christmas-Eve when the children sleep
And mothers steal in for a goodnight peep,
Enid Blyton's Nature Lessons [Lesson 19]
Footprints in the Snow
(p 633) (written 3/12/25)
(ill Enid Blyton)
(drawn 6/12/25)
Perhaps you have never tried to read the foot-writing of animals and birds in the snow.
(used in Enid Blyton's Nature Lessons (Ch 9) [Evans Brothers, August 1929])
From My Window Enid Blyton's Weekly Talk
A Happy Christmas
(p 637) (written 27/11/25)
"Christmas is essentially a time for the young!" said an elderly visitor to me to-day.
Uncollected Poem