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Volume LVII. Issue 1789. Evans Brothers. September 8, 1937.
Old Thatch - Enid Blyton's Children's Page (p 35)
Well, Really, Amelia!
Have you a good memory? I hope you have, because it is a very useful thing. Amelia had no...
(used in Five o'Clock Tales [Methuen, September 1941])
The Bee And The Flower
(3v X 9, 7 & 9)
Little bee,
Little bee,
(used in Enid Blyton's Book of the Year [Evans Brothers, April 1941])
Enid Blyton's Letter
Dear Girls and Boys, Isn't it strange to think that Christmas comes at the end of this term!
A Letter from Bobs
Dear Children, Yesterday I thought I would take my puppies for their first walk, so I undid the...