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Volume LII. Issue 1648. Evans Brothers. December 26, 1934.
Hedgerow Tales A year's course in Nature Study (p 462)
9. One Warm Winter's Day
The weather had been cold and frosty. The ground had been as hard as iron.
(used in Hedgerow Tales (Ch 9) [Methuen, November 1935])
Old Thatch Children's Page (p 472)
The Big Dog
One day a very big dog came running into the gates of Old Thatch. He was an ugly dog and...
(used in Enid Blyton's Stories For You [Dean & Son, August 1966])
Enid Blyton's Letter
Dear Girls and Boys, I don't expect you will get this letter until after Christmas, but I am...
A Letter from Bobs
Dear Children, I do wish I could have sent by books to all the schools that asked for some free...