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Chucklers' Weekly


Volume 5. Issue 16. Molly Dye, T & G Building. August 15, 1958.
Five Get Into a Fix
(p 16-18)
(1 illustration uncredited)
"I do think these Christmas holidays have been the worst we've ever had," said Dick,...
(taken from Five Get Into a Fix (Ch 1, Ch 2 - 1st half) [Hodder & Stoughton, July 1958])
The River of Adventure
The End of the Adventure
(p 22-23 and 28)
(1 illustration uncredited)
It was a very long way to Wooti, but they reached there at last. Mr. Uma gave his driver a few...
(taken from The River of Adventure (Ch 28 - 2nd half, Ch 29) [Macmillan, August 1955])
Cover, illustrated by Monty Wedd and illustration