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Journal 53

What did you think of the latest Journal?

Re: Journal 53

Postby Moonraker » 06 Jun 2014, 11:20

Thanks Tony, and I apologise for bringing it up again. You know what my memory is like - I felt there was a good reason, I will try to remember it! :D
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Re: Journal 53

Postby Jack400 » 14 Jun 2014, 16:39

Received my copy on Friday 13th- Not so unlucky! I've not had the time (on 'rest' days the domestic chores always seem to expand and fill the time) to read much- but first impressions are very favourable. I'm particularly interested to read about the FF Annual and the curious contradiction about Kirrin Castle's inspiration. The Railway Children and the Children At Red Roofs is completely new to me.

All in all an 84 page Journal, nicely bound, with some colour illustrations (as well as many black & white) , so obviously written by knowledgeable enthusiasts. Tony's postage cost alone being far from cheap and three journals a year offers excellent value for the subscription charge.
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Re: Journal 53

Postby walter raleigh » 18 Jun 2014, 19:25

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through Journal number 53 (my first!). Both the Famous Five articles, on the Annual and short stories were well written and informative (I really must get hold of those short stories sometime - yet another book to add to the want list!). Peter Taylor's memories of Betty Maxwell also made fascinating reading especially his description of her working methods. It does help explain some of the er... unusual choices she made in her drawings.

The two articles about her early illustrators help fill in the some of the details and background of her first years in publishing and were interesting and well researched. I especially enjoyed John Lester's overview of the 'Wishing Chair' books as I've not long finished re-reading these and found my thoughts somewhat in parallel with his. The first half of John Henstock's piece tackles the old canard of Enid's supposed snobbishness and while it covers no new ground it's still a message worth repeating. I'm saving the second half of John's article plus Robert Houghton's meaty essay, as they seem to cover similar territory and I want to read "The Family At Red Roofs" first (and possibly re-read the Railway Children) before I tuck in.

And I've not even mentioned the "Adventure At Midnight" picture strip, the delightful short story "A Pair of Scamps", the chaming "Letter From Miranda", and all the beautiful illustrations both colour and black and white. All this and more for less than the price of a pint of beer! What terrific value. In fact I enjoyed it so much I've ordered a couple of back issues to tide me over until the next one comes out!
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Re: Journal 53

Postby Julie2owlsdene » 19 Jun 2014, 14:42

walter raleigh wrote: In fact I enjoyed it so much I've ordered a couple of back issues to tide me over until the next one comes out!

You won't be disappointed, Walter. The Journals are great value for money. :)

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