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Life and Times of Noddy

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Life and Times of Noddy

Postby tix » 21 Dec 2011, 23:06

Noddy leads a varied existence and has travelled to many exotic places some of which include Shell Island, The Land of Kangaroos, The Land of Wild Gollies, and even The Land of Invisible Things.

He also moves about in his capacity as a taxi-driver, but round the 1960 mark there came a brief change in his life. Noddy's precious car was smashed up after a terrible accident, but being a gentleman he endeared himself to prospective employees by his habit of saying, "Please" and "Thank you," and "Could you possibly see fit ...?"

He never adopts an imposing attitude because that isn't Noddy's way - it's always, "Scuse me, is there room for a really good dish-washer at your restaurant? Scuse me, I'd like to help you with your dry-cleaning business. Scuse me, I wonder if you might have a position for me at your fruit stall."

He eventually found temporary employment at the fire station because the workers there really took a shine to the little man with his polite attitude; so here's the lesson - "Good manners are always worth cultivating." For three weeks he was driven through the streets tied to the top of a fire engine, yelling "Scuse Me, Scuse Me, Scuse Me!"
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