The Enid Blyton Society


All the books in this section are full-length stories, which are in most cases divided into chapters. All were originally published as hardbacks and even the shorter ones (novelettes) are at least 60 pages long. There are a total of 186 books in this section.

Featuring Jack, Philip, Dinah and Lucy-Ann, a group of children who, together with their pet Kiki the parrot, get snarled up in the most amazing adventures you can imagine.
Mystery/Adventure (8 books)
Tom and his twin sisters Jill and Mary go to Scotland for exciting times at sea with their friend Andy, the son of a fisherman.
Mystery/Adventure (2 books)
Roger and Diana Lynton, together with their cousin Snubby and his mad dog Loony, meet up with circus boy Barney and his pet monkey Miranda, and get involved in mysteries.
Mystery/Adventure (6 books)
This is a series aimed at the same age group as the Noddy books and tells stories about Bom the little drummer boy, his faithful companion Wuffy Dog and his friend Skipper Heave-Ho.
Fantasy (8 books)
A series for younger readers about Mike, Belinda and Ann, who live in unusual homes and go travelling with their family.
Family (6 books)
Stand-alone novels about family life and social issues. Heartwarming, thought-provoking and full of drama.
Family (7 books)
Surely Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog need no introduction? Wherever they go, they simply can't help falling headlong into adventure!
Mystery/Adventure (22 books)
Jo, Bessie and Fanny live at the edge of the Enchanted Wood where they climb the Faraway Tree, meet all kinds of weird and wonderful characters and visit magical lands.
Fantasy (3 books)
Rory, Sheila, Benjy and Penny leave the town for the countryside where, with the help of country folk like Tammylan, they learn about British wildlife and farming.
Farm (3 books)
The Five Find-Outers and Dog are Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets, the inimitable Fatty and his dog, Buster. They're never happier than when they're working on a juicy mystery.
Mystery/Adventure (15 books)
Charming tales of siblings Jack, Jane and Benjy, who live at Happy House. The books were aimed at younger children and were beautifully illustrated by Kathleen Gell.
Family (3 books)
Darrell Rivers and her friends, including Sally, Alicia and Mary-Lou, enjoy the thrills and spills of boarding-school life with its fun and games, disappointments and challenges.
School (6 books)
One-off novels which were written by Enid Blyton but were published under the pseudonym Mary Pollock. All the books were re-issued at a later stage under Enid Blyton's own name.
Mystery/Adventure (6 books)
The Brown family sell their house to join the circus, which leads to exciting stories of circus life, featuring Jimmy and his remarkable dog Lucky and Lotta the bareback rider.
Circus (3 books)
"Bold Bad Girl" Elizabeth Allen is horrified at being sent away to boarding-school. She makes up her mind to behave so badly that she'll be expelled before half-term...
School (4 books)
Delightfully-illustrated tales of a wooden doll, famous for his nodding head and blue hat with a bell on it. Noddy drives a Toyland taxi, charging "Sixpence there and back again."
Fantasy (24 books)
A varied selection of books which are not part of a series. Some of these books were later edited into a series by Gillian Baverstock and can be found under Continuation Books.
Fantasy (20 books)
Jack, Peggy, Mike and Nora have enthralling adventures in England and abroad, often accompanied by their friend, Prince Paul.
Mystery/Adventure (5 books)
The Secret Seven Society consists of Peter, Janet, Jack, George, Colin, Pam and Barbara. Scamper the dog joins in with their meetings in the shed - and with their mystery-solving!
Mystery/Adventure (15 books)
Town cousins Cyril, Melisande and Roderick find it difficult to get along with country cousins Jack, Jane and Susan. Can they and their parents adapt to life on a farm?
Farm (2 books)
Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan and their friends experience the ups and downs of boarding-school life. There are games, tricks and midnight feasts - but also worries and troubles.
School (6 books)
Peter and Mollie have a marvellous "toy" in their playroom at the bottom of the garden - a chair which grows wings and flies them to lands of wonder and enchantment.
Fantasy (3 books)
Short one-off novels for younger children. Most of the books were originally serialised in Playways and they include Enid's one and only attempt at a pony book.
Family (9 books)