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Posted by Brian Richards on January 8, 2018
Hi. I have all the Mary Mouse books and from perusing the "also in the series" on the back cover, I have established a publication order that differs slightly from that in this society's website. Probably I am wrong, but I am simply asking how confident are you that your list is accurate. I agree with your list up to number 7 but ...
BarneyBarney says: I'm afraid I don't have the books so I can't check, but the dates of publication are given in Tony Summerfield's An Illustrated Bibliography as well as on the website.
Posted by Kumudu on January 7, 2018
Hi Barney, I would love to know how so many cocker spaniels are included in Enid Blyton books. I love cocker spaniels too, and noticed recently that most of her books include them. I have read of Scamper (Secret Seven), Loony (The Rockingdown Mystery), Lulu (Mr Galliano's Circus), Bundle (The Family at Red-Roofs), etc. Are there any others that I might have missed out?
BarneyBarney says: I can think of Crackers in the Six Cousins series and Loopy in The Ring O' Bells Mystery but there may be others too. Enid Blyton kept spaniels as pets so it's not surprising that she wrote about them so frequently. She had a black cocker spaniel called Lassie and then another one called Laddie (she said that Loony in the Barney Mysteries was based on Laddie). When Enid Blyton lived at Old Thatch (from 1929-1938), her gardener Dick Hughes had a black spaniel named Dion.
Posted by Barbara Comiskey on January 7, 2018
Very surprised to discover books with the Enid Blyton signature displayed which were not written by her. On picking one up, one is certainly misled into thinking one is purchasing a genuine Enid Blyton book as packaged in a Ladybird-style cover for the Famous Five stories. The content is for adult reading.
BarneyBarney says: Yes, it does seem wrong that the real authors' names don't appear on the front covers or spines.
Posted by Laura B on January 6, 2018
I am trying to find some stories my mum used to read to me. Do you know of a story where a pixie collects falling leaves and gives them to an old lady so she has 365 days of good luck? Thank you. x
BarneyBarney says: You might be thinking of 'Funny-One's Present', Laura. Mother Kindly has always been good to everyone but she has had a hard life and has never known a whole year of happiness. Funny-One gives her a year of good luck by catching three hundred and sixty-five autumn leaves for her. The story can be found in these books.
Posted by Pete9012s on January 4, 2018
I was so sorry to hear that Mr. Tony Summerfield who runs this wonderful site has been ill lately and would like to take this opportunity to wish him a very speedy recovery.
BarneyBarney says: Thank you, Pete. My master is steadily improving and I look forward to him being as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as ever (even though that description seems to fit dogs better than humans!)
Posted by Georgina Hargreaves on January 2, 2018
So sorry Viv Endecott's shop closed.
BarneyBarney says: It is indeed a great pity. The Square in Corfe isn't quite the same without the Ginger Pop Shop.
Posted by Mary on January 1, 2018
Dear Barney the dog, didn't Enid Blyton write a mystery series named the Barney Mysteries? If she did, can you still buy them?
BarneyBarney says: Unfortunately, the Barney books have been out of print for some years even though they're excellent mystery stories full of intrigue, emotion and humour. You should be able to find second-hand copies though, Mary. There are six titles altogether, the first being The Rockingdown Mystery, and you'll get the most out of the series if you read the books in order of publication.