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Santa Claus Goes to Mr. Pink-Whistle
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Issue:No. 26 Vol. 3
Date:December 21, 1955
Cover Art:uncredited
 There are 236 uncredited magazine covers and 687 uncredited story illustrations.
Publisher:Evans Brothers

Magazine Contents:
  1. Santa Claus Goes to Mr. Pink-Whistle
    Illustrations: Dorothy M. Wheeler
    Story: Mr. Pink-Whistle's Big Book, Evans Brothers 1958
  2. Three Cheers for the Secret Seven! Ch.VIII: An Exciting Plan
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Book: Three Cheers Secret Seven, Brockhampton Press 1956
  3. Mr. Loud-Voice Makes a Mistake
    Illustrations: M.G. Sherborne
    Story: uncollected
  4. Hurrah For Little Noddy! [81-84]
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Picture Strip: uncollected
  5. Five On a Secret Trail Ch.XII: A Good Hiding-Place
    Illustrations: Eileen A. Soper
    Book: Five On a Secret Trail, Hodder & Stoughton 1956
  6. Who'll Buy My Berries
    Illustrations: not illustrated
    Poem: taken from - Enid Blyton's Book of the Year, Evans Brothers 1941
  7. Surprise on Christmas Morning
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Story: uncollected
  8. Christmas Boxes Without Glue
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Non Fiction: uncollected
  9. Make a Xmas Tree
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Non Fiction: uncollected
  10. Something for You to Find
    Illustrations: Elizabeth Stickland
    Non Fiction: uncollected