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Wonderful Cousin John
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Issue:No. 540
Date:August 22, 1952
Cover Art:Sylvia I. Venus
 This artist illustrated
67 magazine covers.
 Also credited with illustrating
107 magazine stories.
Publisher:George Newnes

Magazine Contents:
  1. Wonderful Cousin John
    Illustrations: Sylvia I. Venus
    Story: uncollected
  2. Benjy and the Others Ch.III: Benjy is Very Brave
    Illustrations: Dorothy Hall
    Book: Benjy and the Others, Latimer House 1955
  3. Josie, Click and Bun [9-12]
    Illustrations: Dorothy M. Wheeler
    Picture Strip: uncollected
  4. They Screamed the Place Down
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Story: uncollected
  5. Here's the Naughtiest Girl Again Ch.IV: Patrick in Trouble
    Illustrations: Bruno Kay
    Book: Enid Blyton's Omnibus!, George Newnes 1952
  6. A Letter from The Bear-Bottle [first story]
    Illustrations: Sylvia I. Venus
    Letter: uncollected