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Don't Be Saucy!
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Issue:No. 391
Date:October 18, 1946
Cover Art:uncredited
 There are 235 uncredited magazine covers and 686 uncredited story illustrations.
Publisher:George Newnes

Magazine Contents:
  1. Don't Be Saucy!
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Story: uncollected
  2. She Couldn't Keep a Secret!
    Illustrations: Sylvia I. Venus
    Story: Enid Blyton's Fourth Bedside Book, Arthur Barker 1952
  3. Bumpy and His Bus [13-16]
    Illustrations: Dorothy M. Wheeler
    Picture Strip: Bumpy and His Bus, George Newnes 1949
  4. The Adventurous Four Again! Ch.XIX: More Discoveries
    Illustrations: Jessie Land
    Book: The Adventurous Four Again!, George Newnes 1947
  5. Funny-One's Present
    Illustrations: Joyce A. Johnson
    Story: Enid Blyton's Snowdrop Story Book, John Gifford 1952
  6. A Letter from Topsy
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Letter: uncollected