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Let's Play Worms
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Issue:No. 72
Date:May 27, 1938
Cover Art:Hilda McGavin
 This artist illustrated
137 magazine covers.
 Also credited with illustrating
240 magazine stories.
Publisher:George Newnes

Magazine Contents:
  1. Let's Play Worms
    Illustrations: Hilda McGavin
    Story: Enid Blyton's Gay Story Book, Hodder & Stoughton 1946
  2. Brer Rabbit Goes to the Party
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Story: The Further Adventures of Brer Rabbit, George Newnes 1943
  3. Mr. Galliano's Circus Ch.8: Jimmy Joins the Circus
    Illustrations: E.H. Davie
    Book: Mr. Galliano's Circus, George Newnes 1938
  4. Bobs and His Friends [13-16]
    Illustrations: M. Joyce Davies
    Picture Strip: uncollected
  5. Saving Up
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Poem: The Castle Without a Door and Other Stories, H.A. & W.L. Pitkin 1954
  6. Mr. Quink's Garden
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Story: Tales of Green Hedges, National Magazine Co. 1946
  7. Nurse Wasn't a Bit Pleased! [1-4]
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Picture Strip: uncollected
  8. Brave Dog!
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Poem: uncollected