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The Little Piggy-Boy
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Issue:No. 47
Date:December 3, 1937
Cover Art:Marjorie Thorp
 This artist illustrated
66 magazine covers.
 Also credited with illustrating
156 magazine stories.
Publisher:George Newnes

Magazine Contents:
  1. The Little Piggy-Boy
    Illustrations: Marjorie Thorp
    Story: A Book of Naughty Children, Methuen 1944
  2. Mr. Fox Meets Old Man Terrapin
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Story: Heyo, Brer Rabbit!, George Newnes 1938
  3. One Christmas Night
    Illustrations: Marjorie Thorp
    Poem: Enid Blyton's Tenth Bedside Book, Arthur Barker 1958
  4. The Secret Island Ch.11: Nora Gets into Trouble
    Illustrations: E.H. Davie
    Book: The Secret Island, Basil Blackwell 1938
  5. Adventures of the Toys [57-60]
    Illustrations: Joyce A. Johnson
    Picture Strip: uncollected
  6. Chinky Goes Adventuring
    Illustrations: Marjorie Thorp
    Story: Mister Icy-Cold, Shakespeare Head Press 1948
  7. Sydney Squirrel Has a Brain-wave! [1-4]
    Illustrations: Arthur Clarke
    Picture Strip: uncollected
  8. Perhaps He Never Heard!
    Illustrations: Gordon Robinson
    Poem: uncollected

Additional Illustrators:
Uncollected poem + Odds and Ends