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Welcome to the website of the Enid Blyton Society. Formed in early 1995, the aim of the Society is to provide a focal point for collectors and enthusiasts of Enid Blyton through its magazine The Enid Blyton Society Journal, issued three times a year, its annual Enid Blyton Day, an event which attracts in excess of a hundred members, and its website. Most of the website is available to all, but Society Members have exclusive access to secret parts as well! Join the Society today and start receiving your copy of the Journal three times a year. Don't forget also that we have an Online Shop where you'll find back issues of the Journal as well as rare Enid Blyton biographies, guides and more.

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Posted by Haya on July 24, 2016
Hello! I wanted to know what fraction of books is written by Lady Enid Blyton in the whole of English literature for children.😯😕😀
BarneyBarney says: New children's books are coming out all the time, so the fraction must be constantly changing!
Posted by Karen Taylor on July 23, 2016
I have the set Blyton: New Testament Bible Pictures 1-30 by Macmillan. Where would I sell them?
BarneyBarney says: Items like that don't tend to be as popular as the books but you could try eBay or a specialist dealer. We have some children's booksellers listed under Lashings of Links.
Posted by Mary on July 22, 2016
I am searching for a book which I am certain is by Enid Blyton. The title is Seven White Gates. I remember one character was an uncle (?) called Malachi who used to go out at night and sit on 'devil's rock'. It was quite a creepy tale. I hope someone can help.
BarneyBarney says: You may be thinking of Seven White Gates by Malcolm Saville. The uncle is Uncle Micah and the rock is the Devil's Chair.
Posted by Sue Webster on July 22, 2016
Hi. What is this Famous Five's Survival Guide I have been reading about and how can I get one? Sounds fun and would love one. By the way, are there any I-SPY Books enthusiasts out there? Collins/Harper have taken over from Michelin and have brought out some new updated books, which I have most of and they are better than Michelin. I have just won my first super spotter I-spy badge and certificate!
BarneyBarney says: Congratulations on being a super spotter, Sue! You can read all about The Famous Five's Survival Guide here.
Posted by Judith on July 21, 2016
With Enid Blyton's stories, do the publishers keep them as period pieces or do they decide that this is a good story and one that children now would enjoy on the same basis as any other book they might pick up, i.e. not as 'something set in the olden times'? The name Mary is now very unusual for anyone under forty, except perhaps as a middle name. Jill is also very outdated by modern standards. Zoe and Pippa probably are very firmly 80s/90s names, but there is nothing to stop the publishers updating again (Emily and Olivia?), and Mary and Jill are very much of their time. I see it as a huge compliment to Enid Blyton that her stories are good enough and timeless enough that publishers bother to do this.
BarneyBarney says: Just about all Enid Blyton's books have been updated to varying degrees.

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