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Welcome to the website of the Enid Blyton Society. Formed in early 1995, the aim of the Society is to provide a focal point for collectors and enthusiasts of Enid Blyton through its magazine The Enid Blyton Society Journal, issued three times a year, its annual Enid Blyton Day, an event which attracts in excess of a hundred members, and its website. Most of the website is available to all, but Society Members have exclusive access to secret parts as well! Join the Society today and start receiving your copy of the Journal three times a year. Don't forget also that we have an Online Shop where you'll find back issues of the Journal as well as rare Enid Blyton biographies, guides and more.

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Posted by Pearl on December 20, 2014
This is a really good website.
BarneyBarney says: A wuff of thanks to you, Pearl.
Posted by Anneysha on December 19, 2014
Barney, Do you know that my show in school was a huge success? I had learnt English usage just because of Enid Blyton. I used her ideas in my role play and my group was awarded full marks. That's the reason I am a fan of Enid Blyton. Barney, could you tell me about some mysteries you were involved in? Can you recommend me the best adventure of your series? I'm new to the Barney series and I want to read a book this Christmas. Could you also tell me the seller? A juicy and meaty bone just for you!
BarneyBarney says: I'm glad your show was a success, Anneysha. I'm not actually in an Enid Blyton series - I'm a real dog! The Barney Mysteries are called that because they feature a circus-boy named Barney. They're marvellous adventure/mystery stories and they're best read in order, starting with The Rockingdown Mystery which is a great book, full of atmosphere. Regarding sellers, you could try bookshops or order from an online seller. Thank you for the bone.
Posted by Naphtali Ivan on December 17, 2014
Hi, I am Naphtali Ivan, 16 years old, from Indonesia. I have been a director of SUNU THE MOVIE, which will be launched next year. We made the movie by ourselves, all kids, 13-18 years old. We also did fundraising to fulfill our production costs. Now our community has been acknowledged by the government because we could create many young entrepreneurs. Well, any possibility for us to use the story of Enid Blyton as our idea for our next movie? We plan to kick off by early January 2015. We plan to make this movie using English while all talent/actresses and actors are Indonesian and we will make it to international standard. Any idea how can I get permission? Please guide me to somebody who could help me with permission, legal matters, etc. Hopefully I will have a good response in a couple days. Thanks and regards, Naphtali Ivan #sineasmuda_id +6283873231856.
BarneyBarney says: You need to contact Hachette UK, Naphtali, as they own the Enid Blyton copyright.
Posted by Adam Bartoš on December 16, 2014
Thank you for your previous answer. ; ) I still ask where the stories of a series Adventure series? I think states or countries.
BarneyBarney says: Do you mean you'd like to know where the stories in the Adventure series are set? They take place in different countries or regions - England, Scotland, Wales, Austria, Greece, the Middle East and a fictional country called Tauri-Hessia.
Posted by Adam Bartoš on December 15, 2014
Hi Barney! Is there any map of Peterswood?
BarneyBarney says: I'm afraid not, Adam. I'm not even sure whether Enid Blyton's description of the village and its buildings is consistent from book to book. However, some aspects of Peterswood are thought to have been influenced by Bourne End in Buckinghamshire, where Enid Blyton lived from 1929-1938.

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