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Posted by Jeri Fry on December 8, 2016
Hi, I would like permission to reprint the story 'The Cuckoo in the Clock' that appears in The Golden Christmas Book compiled by Gertrude Crampton, copyrighted 1947 by Simon and Schuster. I own a Gingerbread Bakery and I have for years made a Cuckoo Clock out of Gingerbread inspired by this story. I would like to share the story this next few days in connection with the holiday giveaway of the gingerbread cuckoo clock. (By the way, Barney looks like my dog.) Thanks, Jeri Fry, owner of Cup and Cone, Canon City, Colorado, 719-275-3434.
BarneyBarney says: Hachette UK own the Enid Blyton copyright so I suggest you get in touch with them, Jeri. Here are their contact details. The gingerbread cuckoo clock sounds great and I hope the holiday giveaway goes well. A "wuff" of hello and a wag of the tail to your dog!
Posted by Murray on December 6, 2016
In the Famous Five, George says that when she is grown up she will live on Kirrin Island with Timmy. George loves Timmy but, as she is a child, she probably doesn't know too much about how dogs work or how long they live compared to humans, She will be crushed when Timmy dies long before she does.
BarneyBarney says: I always think of the Five as remaining eternally young!
Posted by Chris Carte on December 2, 2016
I have just discovered a Bible from 1953 that has a message inscribed and signed Enid Blyton. It reads, "Here is the greatest book in the world. I hope you will read it every day. Love from your friend Enid Blyton." Could this be valuable?
BarneyBarney says: Although it looks handwritten it's just a printed letter that was included in all the Bibles, Chris, but it's still a nice book to have.
Posted by Charlotte on December 1, 2016
Thank you so much for letting me know about 'A Week Before Christmas'. We now know what we need to look for to purchase the book for my mother-in-law. Thank you. 😊
BarneyBarney says: What a lovely present for your mother-in-law. I'm sure she'll be delighted.
Posted by Aparna on November 27, 2016
Hi, Barney! I think the story that Anonymous asked about is called 'A Week Before Christmas'. Ronnie, Ellen and Betsy do odd jobs to earn money to help their mother who lost her purse. It is one of my favourite short stories.
BarneyBarney says: Thank you very much indeed, Aparna! I remember that story now and it seems to be the right one. It can be found in these books.

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