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Posted by Sue on August 20, 2014
I wish they would bring out all the Enid Blyton books on DVD not animated.
BarneyBarney says: They'd have to film them first!
Posted by Rupsa Mitra on August 9, 2014
Hello! I am Ruprekha, Titli didi's (Rupsa's) sister. Nice to meet more Blyton fans.
BarneyBarney says: Welcome, Ruprekha! I hope you enjoy looking at the Cave of Books, the Author of Adventure, etc.
Posted by Miriam Weber on August 7, 2014
Just wanted to say thanks to the people who responded to my query of the 1st. Tix's comments especially were very enlightening as a way to try and tell authors on unnamed books - good to have some pointers and yes I can see now how I got confused, but that this book isn't an Enid Blyton! Thank you, Miriam.
Posted by Christelle on August 5, 2014
I have The Smugglers' Caves and Other Stories, 1st edition! What should I do with it?
BarneyBarney says: Er... Use it as a doorstop? A paperweight? A flower-press? A fan? Or better still, read it!
Posted by Tix on August 4, 2014
On Aug 1st, 2014 Miriam Weber wrote: “ … I have a book published by THOMAS NELSON & SONS called MR WHY & MR WHAT… my understanding was that it was by Enid Blyton…” Enid Blyton’s name hasn’t always been attached to her stories but there are subtle clues that can help to judge authenticity and the book in question contains several, although one can never be 100% certain of anything. The main character is a small girl called Dorothy Hamilton but she’s nicknamed ‘Blinkie’ because she blinks a lot when asking questions. Do those names reek of Enid Blyton? The style of writing doesn’t relate to our author - “The nursery door opened and Mummie’s pretty golden head came round the corner.” I can’t see Enid Blyton putting “Mummie’s pretty golden head,” and notice the spelling of ‘Mummy.’ The ‘God’ references seem out of place. Has anyone heard of Blyton characters going “A-Maying?” I’ve never observed “popinjay” in an EB book and it certainly isn’t in “Robin Hood” because I’ve read that one; his merry men displayed their archery skills by shooting at garlands of roses - not ‘Popinjays’ although admittedly, the May Queen was crowned with a garland. EB has described plenty of flowers in Enid Blyton's Nature Lover’s Book and other works, but I can’t recall her informing us about the Opium Poppy before today. What’s a quern? That’s a word I haven’t come across in Blyton. Inside The Christmas Book and others, we learn about the “mistle thrush” and not the ‘missel thrush’ as printed in the Thomas Nelson, and Enid Blyton clearly states the Dutch people have always called SOanta ‘San Nicolaas’ as opposed to ‘Sannik’lass’ which is a subtle point but worthy of note. Old Nature Tales, whilst looking familiar title-wise, contains the work of such artists as Alan Wright and Josephine Young whose names I’ve yet to see in an EB production, and finally, the Blyton tales were usually reprinted but I’ve never seen Mr Why and Mr What in any of the collections, despite it being a hefty ninety pages plus.
BarneyBarney says: Thanks for taking the time to examine the book, Tix!

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