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Posted by Aussie Sue on August 25, 2016
Hi Russ, I have a copy of the poem 'Janet's Creaky Bed'. It's a great poem and there are six verses. 1. Janet was a lazy girl,/And loved to stay in bed,/ "Oh let me have a minute more,"/ Was what she always said. 2. One morning as she lay asleep,/ The bed creaked on the floor,/ And lifting up its two front legs,/ It moved towards the door! 3. It sidled quickly down the stairs/ (Nor waked its sleepy load)./ And past the parents breakfasting,/ Slipped out into the road./ 4. The school bell rang, the children laughed,/ To see the bedstead pass,/ It hurried on along the street,/ Right into Janet's class!/ 5. "I've brought the lazy girl along,"/ It creaked, when teacher came,/ Then Janet woke, and looked around-/ And hid her face in shame!/ 6. And Janet now is always first,/ At school and breakfast too,/ For if her bed begins to creak,/ She knows what it will do!
BarneyBarney says: Many thanks, Sue. A delightful poem!
Posted by Sue on August 24, 2016
Born in 1954 as a small child I had a Noddy book "I'm cleaning my car and making it shine. Oh dear little car I'm so glad you're mine." Any idea what it was called and where I can purchase a copy?
BarneyBarney says: By coincidence, TG answered the same question on this Message Board in October 2015. He identified the book as "one of the 'Nursery Colour Picture' books entitled A Day With Noddy". You can see a picture of it here. Copies sometimes turn up on eBay, or you could try the sellers we list under Lashes of Links.
Posted by Russ on August 24, 2016
When I was a lad my mum read 'Janet's Creaky Bed' to me. It began: "Janet was a lazy girl/And loved to stay in bed...." Does anyone know the remaining lines? Thanks.
BarneyBarney says: That poem was first published in 1922, Russ! I don't have access to it but I hope someone is able to help.
Posted by Ellie on August 22, 2016
Hi, I wonder if you'd be able to help me. My daughter loves the Famous Five and so for her ninth birthday we're taking her to Corfe Castle. Does anyone know if the 'Ginger Pop Shop' at Corfe is still there? I'd like to be able to buy her a few birthday presents whilst we're at the castle, but I have a feeling the shop has shut down. Any help would be must appreciated. Thanks!
BarneyBarney says: The Ginger Pop Shop is a fantastic little shop and is still in business, though it closes for most of the winter. You can find out about opening times here. The link mentions another shop at Poole, but that one has closed down. I hope you and your daughter have a lovely time in Corfe, Ellie!
Posted by David Cadman on August 22, 2016
Can you please tell me whether Enid Blyton is in any way linked to families of the same name from Tiptree in Essex? Was she published by Anchor Press that used to be in Tiptree? Thank you.
BarneyBarney says: I'm afraid I haven't heard of any connection, David, and I don't know of any Enid Blyton books published by Anchor Press. However, if you find out anything the Society would be interested to know.

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