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Posted by Fiona on November 20, 2015
I have an Enid Blyton 1958 copy of The Folk of the Faraway Tree in excellent condition for sale. The book and dust cover are perfect except for a very small tear of 1cm and minimal creasing on the front top dust cover. The pages are slightly yellowed and showing signs of minimal use, no broken spines or loose or torn pages. The illustrations are by Dorothy M. Wheeler, there are 26 chapters and the children's names are Jo, Bessie and Fanny. I also have a 1958 copy of The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat illustrated by J. Abbey also in outstanding condition. No tears or creases in the book or cover, slightly yellowed pages in unused condition. There are 22 chapters and the children's names are Larry, Daisy, Fatty, Pip and Bets, with Buster the dog and Clear-Orf (the village policeman). These are genuine old books found in the attic of an old house amongst other 1950 books. Please contact or +44 07525 865165 for photos and prices.
Posted by Richard Frost on November 18, 2015
For sale: painting by Frederick Cockerton, illustrator of Sunny Stories No.45,170,179. Title of the painting, The Canterbury Pilgrims. Oil on board, 174mm x 41mm. Barney is in the painting, 02380462643.
Posted by Kirsty on November 17, 2015
Hi, I am looking to purchase The Magic Faraway Tree book for my daughter for Christmas. I have ordered three so far and all three have either got chapters missing or names changed. I have found pre 1971 editions starting from 59. I am wondering is this around the going rate now?! Thank you.
BarneyBarney says: Early editions are expensive, but you should be okay with most editions from the 1970s and 1980s unless you want the original Dorothy Wheeler illustrations. Avoid 3-in-1 volumes as they're often abridged, and before buying check with the seller whether the three main children have their original names of Jo, Bessie and Fanny (NOT Joe, Beth and Frannie). You could also ask how many chapters the book contains. Good luck with finding a copy!
Posted by C.elms on November 17, 2015
My mother used to live in Kampala, Uganda, as a child and for some reason heard a rumour that Enid Blyton had passed away and decided to write to her to enquire if the rumour was true. She was delighted to receive a postcard from her confirming that at the time she was alive and well. I thought I would share this with you as this is a quaint and unusual story. I believe she still has the postcard. Apologies for sounding materialistic but would this have any value?
BarneyBarney says: I'm afraid we're unable to value items, but it's a great story!
Posted by Jill Gibb on November 14, 2015
Did anyone see a recent Antiques Roadshow when a set of Famous Five books [hardbacks, original editions] were valued? I nearly fell off my chair!
BarneyBarney says: There's a forums thread about the programme here.

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