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Enid Blyton Day 2012

Did you attend the last event? Are you going to the next Day?

EB Day

Postby Susan Webster » 13 May 2012, 22:11

hi another great EB Day on saturday . thanks Tony . i really enjoyed it and at first didnt think i could come but glad i did in the end . bought 3 books and a tape . it was good meeting su ,anita and co as well as my friend sophie smallwood and her mum. speakers were good too and only wish the famous five club could be resurrected as i loved it and sad its no more. could it be resurrected sometime with newsletters?
great watching the red kites soaring outside the hall and being a keen birdwatcher it was really brilliant to see them --about 6 . i did see another on my way home near oxford . also passed didcot railway centre and it was thrilling seeing several steam locos up in steam! i`m a railway enthusiast too. great day!
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby KayleighLouise » 13 May 2012, 22:22

Anita Bensoussane wrote:I would certainly like to get a copy of the DVD about Enid Blyton's Beckenham years, though I'm not sure I want to order in advance - I'd prefer to wait until it's out. Does anyone know when that will be?

All the leaflet says is it comes out in the summer Anita. Not too far away to wait. Pre-ordering it saved you two pounds
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Re: EB Day

Postby Francis » 13 May 2012, 22:30

Glad you were able to make the E.B. Day, Sue. Would have liked to talked
with you about F.F. and Red Kites! Don't know a great deal about birds
and only spotted 2 of them. I wonder why there are so many of them
around Twyford - we live in Guildford and as yet haven't seen any near us.
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Katharine » 13 May 2012, 23:10

Where do I start?

It was a great day. Lovely to finally meet so many of you, although like Francis I feel there were more I could/should have spoken to. The speeches were very different, but each interesting. The picnic was fun, and like the day itself, over too soon. The food was excellent. Thanks must go to Nigel for giving us a lift to the picnic, and to Daisy for the lift to the station.

Special thanks of course must go to Tony for organising the day, (and also for blackmailing me into going to the picnic :wink: ).

Unfortunately I was so busy having such a wonderful time I only took a couple of photos. :cry: So I look forward to seeing those taken by other people.

I'm still at the top of the Faraway Tree at the moment, having spent a great day at Bourne End and Old Thatch, so have only been home a couple of hours, and most of that time has been spent catching up on everyone else's comments. It's going to be a struggle to drag myself out of my Blyton weekend mode and face 'normality' tomorrow.

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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Viking Star » 14 May 2012, 00:54

Lucky Star wrote: Rob what a disaster that you forgot about the day. Thats life I guess but you must have been gutted. You were certainly missed at the hall. Hopefully there will be a next year for you.

John I'm so disappointed there are no words. But thank you for your kind words.
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Kate Mary » 14 May 2012, 06:56

Another brilliant Day. I thought the speakers were particularly good this year. Sarah Lawrence's talk on the Seven Stories archive was very interesting, it is good to know there is such a collection of Blyton manuscripts and documents, perhaps the nearest we will ever get to a Blyton museum. It was a pity that Jon Appleton had so little time to tell us of Hachette's plans for the Enid Blyton estate, perhaps he can return on a future Day. Georgina Hargreaves talk was a delight and the highlight of the day, I thought it was a charming gesture of Georgina to present her early notebook stories to Seven Stories, I really hope I shall be able to visit them next year. I also enjoyed Pam Ally's history of the Blyton estate from Darrell Waters Ltd to Chorion. A big, big thank you to Tony for organizing everything so well and thanks too for the excellent Teachers World booklets which I have just started to read.

It was lovely to see everyone again and to meet some new faces, I managed to have a few words with Anita, Julie, Eddie, Ilsa, Viv, Nigel and Tony, as well as meeting Lin again. I had a chat with Heather and Jeff Lawrence from Peakirk Books, I visited their shop on several occasions and have met them on previous Days.

I hope all the dealers did a roaring trade and are eager to come back next year, I bought thirteen books as well as the three Society booklets so I certainly did my bit. I now have to find space for them on my groaning book-shelves and as I embezzled the housekeeping money I hope I have enough grub in the freezer to keep us going until the end of the month!

My husband and I retired to a lovely country pub for a meal, which rounded off the day nicely. A happy, happy day which will live long in the memory.


P.S. I hope the picnic was a success and look forward to seeing the photos.
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Sally » 14 May 2012, 08:54

Just to add my own thanks to Tony and everyone for a fabulous day on Saturday. I think it was the best so far for me - great speakers, great weather and of course we are now all getting to know each other more each year and it is lovely to meet up with old and new faces - all sharing the love of Enid Blyton! I was delighted to meet Abi (7UP) and Myra, her lovely grandmother, and sat with them in the audience. Abi is already writing stories herself - and so watch this space - she wants to be a professional author! I was also delighted to meet David and his lovely girlfriend and we had a great chat about Blyton books. Thanks also to everyone who contributed to the picnic - what a feast - and particularly Stef and Fiona's ginger cake....yummy!

I will be setting up a new topic about a get-gether at Old Thatch on 7 July - hope as many of you as possible can make it!
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Moonraker » 14 May 2012, 08:56

I get a bit confused with the three Kates! I spoke to Katharine (as well as giving her and her mum a lift!) and Katherine, but might have missed Kate Mary. Or did I speak to you, Kate Mary and not Katherine??? :?
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Moonraker » 14 May 2012, 09:04

I'm also a bit confused, as re-reading this page I see there are some new posts sprinkled in between the ones I already read! Have you been meddling, Anita? :wink:

Edit: Ah, I see. There is a non-existent thread which I guess has been merged with this one!
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Anita Bensoussane » 14 May 2012, 09:14

Moonraker wrote:Have you been meddling, Anita? :wink:

Yes, otherwise we'd have ended up with two separate threads giving accounts of the Enid Blyton Day!

Thanks for the information about the DVD, KayleighLouise.
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Moonraker » 14 May 2012, 09:59

You can see a few of the photos that Jane took here.
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Julie2owlsdene » 14 May 2012, 10:16

Fraid I can't see them, Nigel. It says I have to sign in. :( Probably could be because I'm on a park wi-fi. I'll have to try and see if I can see them once back home in Cornwall.

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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Moonraker » 14 May 2012, 10:30

You shouldn't have to sign in, Julie - they are publicly available to all who have the link. These and more are also on our Facebook page, so if you have problems viewing them, check out Facebook!
I have re-checked, and it says no sign-in necessary.
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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Ming » 14 May 2012, 10:32

Fantastic photos, Nigel - I've also seen the photos of the picnic on Facebook, probably taken by Fiona or Stef? It looks like a smashing day was had by all - I'm so jealous! :P ETA: No, it's Nigel's photos!

Viking Star, I'm asking you here because my emails seem to never reach you, but I get yours! How are you, old thing?! :D

Julie, I am so delighted to finally find someone else at my height! :lol:

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Re: Enid Blyton Day 2012

Postby Wayne Pyer » 14 May 2012, 10:43

I really feel for you here Rob. Being unable to attend is disappointing enough but to forget would be my ultimate nightmare. :shock:
I to would like a few bookmarks and the leaflets please Tony. :D
If you could PM me payment details to me, I can get it off to you asap. Thanks. :D
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