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Barbara Stoney and her Biography of Enid Blyton

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Re: Barbara Stoney and her Biography of Enid Blyton

Postby Chrissie777 » 07 Jun 2015, 17:00

Ming wrote:The last two pages of this thread is why this group of folks here will always be my favourite people. :lol:

Me, too :)!

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Re: Barbara Stoney and her Biography of Enid Blyton

Postby pete9012S » 06 Dec 2017, 14:05

Anita Bensoussane wrote: I was taken aback to learn that Enid Blyton had children at all as I had pictured her as an apple-cheeked spinster living alone in a little cottage, devoting her life to writing books, feeding the birds, baking gingerbread and chatting merrily to passing children over the garden gate!

This is exactly the sort of image I too formed about Enid from reading her books as a young child.
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