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Re: The Island of Adventure Film

Postby Julian K » 03 Dec 2017, 14:07

MaccasAU wrote:If anyone wants to watch THE ISLAND OF ADVENTURE as in this one , I found it online.
Funnily it was on the US ARCHIVE's website at I think it is a VHS-RIP but still it's better then nothing. I apologize for not letting all of you know, until now, I was too shy :lol:.
Sorry but to make up for it you can watch TIOA! I watched and enjoyed it but, the cyanide and other liberty's they took was annoying having read the book many times. Still I enjoyed it.
That's all!

:) Thankyou so much for sharing this link with us - I have been waiting over 30 years to watch Island again !!! :x :shock: Craggy Top looks familar - Its used in Doc Martin for the episode when Mrs Titchell kidnaps the baby ☺
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