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Question about the Adventure series on 'Only Connect' BBC 2

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Question about the Adventure series on 'Only Connect' BBC 2

Postby timv » 11 Nov 2017, 09:33

For those who can get the UK TV station BBC 2 on television or want to see it on IPlayer, there was a question about Enid's Adventure series on the quiz 'Only Connect' on the evening of Friday 10 November, the episode scheduled at 830 p.m. Greenwich time. This series sees two teams of three amateur quizzers competing to find the links between a series of up to four seemingly unconnected facts (more points are awarded if the link is detected when only one, two or three of the four facts have been announced). Later rounds include guessing what Fact 4 is in a similar chain of four facts before it is announced, on the basis of the links between 1 and 2 or 1, 2 and 3. The presenter is Victoria Coren Mitchell, daughter of former editor of defunct London humour magazine 'Punch' Alan Coren, sister of journalist/ food programme presenter Giles Coren and wife of TV comedian/ actor David Mitchell. The questions are often highly obscure.

The teams included one led by former 'University Challenge' contestant and minor celebrity Gail Trimble, but neither of them got the question right or guessed what it meant. Fact one was the words ' Jack Island', the second 'Philip Castle', the third 'Dinah Valley' - the one they had to guess was 'Lucy Ann Sea'. The way to guess the end fact was that the first was the name of the oldest of the Adventure series children and the first book; the second was the next oldest and the second book; and so on to the fourth. (Victoria pointed out this age reckoning was based on a comment by Philip referring to Jack as older; LA is younger than D who is younger than her brother P). The teams were mystified, though one guessed wildly at 'Tina Mountain' without being certain it was a Blyton link.
It's nice to see a non-Famous Five Blyton series mentioned on the BBC!
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Re: Question about the Adventure series on 'Only Connect' BB

Postby Anita Bensoussane » 11 Nov 2017, 10:20

Excellent, Tim! I just looked up the programme on iPlayer and the question on the Adventure series starts at about 11.40: ... elgophiles

It is indeed wonderful to see Enid Blyton's Adventure books getting a mention. :D
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Re: Question about the Adventure series on 'Only Connect' BB

Postby IceMaiden » 15 Nov 2017, 22:27

That show makes my brain hurt :lol: Whoever works the questions out for it is a genius, whoever works out the answers deserves a medal! I'm gutted that I missed out the only question on it that I would have actually been able to answer :mrgreen:

I agree that it is very nice to see something EB non-FF related though. Much as I adore the FF, Enid wrote so so many other series just as fantastic, captivating and memorable and I always feel it's such a pity that these more often than not get overshadowed by the FF. It winds me up when EB mentions invariably mean the Famous Five and Noddy - I always feel like shouting 'not again, there were others you know!'
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