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Re: Ladybird books

Postby Rob Houghton » 27 Mar 2017, 10:54

I was reading a facebook thread the other day where a friend of mine was complaining about how some of her friends were complaining about the 'tablet ban' in hand luggage on aeroplane flights. She was saying something along the lines of 'can't parents entertain their children as we were entertained as kids - without the aid of electronic devices?"

Sadly, most of her friends called her out for not having children of her own - and more or less told her she would think differently if she had - and told her it was much easier to stick a tablet in front of a two year old to 'keep them quiet' than having to entertain them. Their child would demand a tablet to watch childrens programmes on and to play games on.

How sad! But its mainly dependant on the behaviours parents have instilled in their children. If a child has been used to being entertained with an electronic device all their life then they will know nothing better. If a child has learned how to entertain themselves in other ways, then they will. 8)

Sorry to go off topic!
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Re: Ladybird books

Postby Moonraker » 27 Mar 2017, 10:56

Rob Houghton wrote:Fascinating! I love the changes - very interesting, although I had to smile at the way daddy is now lounging in his deckchair while Mummy does all the gardening, and how he is 'helping' with wrapping the present by merely holding a ribbon! :lol:

I hadn't realised that my wife and I now featured in these books.
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