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Cicely Mary Barker

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Cicely Mary Barker

Postby Kate Mary » 02 Sep 2017, 13:03

Any Flower Fairy fans on the forums?

Cicely Mary Barker's artwork is exquisite but her verse is pedestrian at best, nowhere near as good as Enid's poems. The pictures are a delight however, the flowers are botanically correct and the faces of the fairies are based on real children who attended her sister Dorothy's kindergarten.
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Re: Cicely Mary Barker

Postby Daisy » 02 Sep 2017, 13:46

I have a very battered and tatty copy of "The Flower Fairies in Summer" which has been in my possession all my life, as far as I can remember. I also have 48 Flower Fairy plates adorning some walls upstairs. I recently had some Flower Fairy material from which I have made a cot quilt.
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Re: Cicely Mary Barker

Postby Courtenay » 02 Sep 2017, 16:41

I didn't grow up with the Flower Fairies, but I love Cicely Mary Barker's artwork — I agree, absolutely gorgeous. At the care home where I work, we have some little Flower Fairies trays for serving cups of tea on! :wink:
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Re: Cicely Mary Barker

Postby Spitfire » 02 Sep 2017, 20:57

I've always loved poring over Flower Fairy pictures when I've come across them (I don't have a Flower Fairy book) but quite frequently see them on greeting cards or the like. When I was younger I used to imagine how I would dress flower fairies myself - a very pleasant way to pass the time!

I didn't know she had written poems, but her artwork is exquisite.

Cicely and Dorothy also collaborated on a book called He Leadeth Me, which I remember fondly from my childhood, and have tracked a copy down since. It's a book of Bible stories, very simply but engagingly written, with some lovely illustrations.

I was interested to note, in scanning Wikipedia just now, that Cicely suffered from eplilepsy. I know two young people with epilepsy, and it's heartening to read about her successful career.

Thanks for the link, Kate Mary. I'll bookmark it and drop in to visit the Flower Fairies every so often!
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