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The Mystery of the Island - Isobel Knight

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Re: The Mystery of the Island - Isobel Knight

Postby Rob Houghton » 14 Sep 2017, 11:18

Lol - I love that mention of my 'relentless promotion' of The Mystery of the Island. :-D :lol: :lol: Always happy to do my fellow Blyton fans a good turn!! :lol:

I haven't read any more books by Isobel Knight - they all seemed a bit 'thin' from what I see on eBay...maybe just for very young children, so I've never been tempted. I see she wrote one called 'The Treasure Seekers'! I thought E Nesbit already did that! :shock:
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Re: The Mystery of the Island - Isobel Knight

Postby Courtenay » 14 Sep 2017, 12:13

I thought so too! :shock: :lol: Here's the only copy I can find of the Isobel Knight version on eBay. Looks very different from E. Nesbit — set in the tropics, going by the cover illustration. According to the listing, it contains two short stories: "Secret Treasure of Spider Island" and "The Parrot Mystery".

I've had a look for other Isobel Knight titles too and I can see what you mean about them looking like they're aimed at young children, Rob, so I'm not really tempted either. There does seem to be another Isobel Knight online, a present-day one who does Bowen therapy and specialises in a hypermobility syndrome, but I suspect there's no connection! :wink:
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