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The Kind Policeman - Poem

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The Kind Policeman - Poem

Postby pete9012S » 07 Aug 2017, 22:11

The Kind Policeman - Poem


see cave for publication details: ... +Policeman
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Re: The Kind Policeman - Poem

Postby Courtenay » 07 Aug 2017, 22:58

Aww, what a sweet poem — one that goes to show Enid's effortless way of mixing a realistic and familiar scene with a good dose of the magical. It's almost like a fairy-tale version of Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey — one of my favourite books when I was little, in which another kind-hearted policeman stops the city traffic to let a family of ducklings reach their home in the Boston Public Garden (Boston in Massachusetts, that is). :D Thanks for sharing this, Pete.
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