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Peter Wienk

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Peter Wienk

Postby simonb » 17 Aug 2010, 20:01

I would really like to set the record straight about the illustrators of Noddy.
My father in law, Peter Wienk (born 11-09-1920, passed away 16-08-2010), was never interested in any claim to fame. Therefore I would like to add the following so that he may be remembered for continuing Beek’s work and keeping many children happy with his illustrations.
Peter was in fact the only person who worked with Beek himself in his studios at Jagtlust in Blaricum NL. Peter was employed by Beek to do the colouring in of the illustrations of Noddy from book 2 onwards (mainly because Beek was suffering from ill health at the time mainly due to having lost his beloved wife, Freddie Langeler, to illness). Beek passed away quite soon after that (he had finished book 6 or 7) and Peter was contacted by David White of Samson Low Marston and Co . who he had met several times at Beeks home . along with another famous Dutch illustrator (Marten Toonder) who were both given a short period of time to come up with some preliminary illustrations for a new Noddy book. Seeing as Peter had previously already worked on the illustrations of Noddy when he worked with Beek, he had the advantage, and was given a contract by Samson Low to continue the illustrations on a lump sum basis. Peter was even sent a letter by Enid Blyton herself saying how pleased she was with Peter’s work. Peter continued to illustrate Noddy books up until Enid Blyton’s death. Despite the claim of certain illustrators of having worked closely with Peter and with Beek, both Peter nor Fritzi ten Harmsen van der Beek (Beek’s daughter and friend of Peter) had any recollection of these artists. Every now and then, Peter had other contracts for illustrations and in those times there were other illustrators who did do a few Noddy books in between.
However Peter, who was later working on the Noddy books together with his wife, Nel Koenen, was contracted full time for 17 years by Samson Low which would account for all the pre print proof books (with corrections by Peter) that we own along with many first issues.
We do not own any original water colours (apart from three that Peter made for friends and family).
Simon Bullock and Chris Bullock-Wienk
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Re: Peter Wienk

Postby kirstenjarvis » 26 Aug 2010, 11:50

I would like to write in support of the post of August 18 by simonb re Peter Wienk. My late mother was employed by Eelco ten Harmsen van der Beek (Oom Co to me) in 1948 after the death of his beloved wife, Freddie Langeler, and worked for him at Jagtlust in Blaricum until she left for Indonesia to join my late father in 1952. I have wonderful memories of my time there, including memories of Fritzi and Hein, Oom Co's children, and Gilles, Fritzi's infant son, of whom I still have photos. My mother was a friend of Peter Wienk's, and did keep in contact with him whilst she lived in Indonesia. Gradually, with time and busy lives contact lessened. Peter Wienk was Oom Co's senior assistant, and most often the only assistant, during the period my mother and I lived there, other illustrators were only called on to assist when the work load demanded it. My parents emigrated to Australia in 1959, having spent a brief time in Holland prior to arriving here in Brisbane. I am certain contact was made at that time with Peter and his wife. I was saddened to read that Peter had passed away, as have Fritzi and Gilles. One of my most treasured possessions is an illustration of me as a 3-4 year old, drawn by Oom Co, and a watercolour painting of the childhood story of the goat who lost a shoe whilst climbing the stairs to her bedroom - I loved that story and Oom Co would happily read it to me over and over! Kirsten Jarvis
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