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Education Books

The 269 books in this section are all broadly based on education. The section is subdivided into six parts. For some of the books, pictures are not yet available, but will be added as soon as they become so. If you can help fill a gap, please send a scan or colour photocopy.

All the books in this section were either written or edited by Enid Blyton. As with the Readers above, if covers were identical for all parts of a course I have just shown them once.
Mixed (10 books)
Nature (4 books)
Nature (5 books)
This lists a number of miscellaneous non-fiction books covering a wide variety of subjects.
Nature (3 books)
Transport (13 books)
This group include all the plays and musical plays written by Enid Blyton, apart from the odd book that has been listed in a series elsewhere, such as A Book of Little Plays, which is part of the 'Nelson Reading Practice Series'.
Fantasy (3 books)
Fantasy (4 books)
Fantasy (2 books)
Mixed (5 books)
Fantasy (7 books)
Included in this part are the straight poetry books, poems set to music and released as song books and picture books that are all written in verse, some with short rhymes and others with one continuous story in verse.
Geography (3 books)
Learning (3 books)
Music (3 books)
Fantasy (3 books)
Mixed (6 books)
Mixed (5 books)
Animals (4 books)
Animals (2 books)
Mixed (9 books)
Mixed (2 books)
This large section has all the readers which were written, or in a few cases edited by Enid Blyton. If there are any differences in colour, picture or title on the cover I have listed the books separately. If however the covers are identical apart from a number as with The Enid Blyton Nature Readers I have listed them in groups according to the publishing date. Reference books that go with sets of readers are also included with those readers.
Mixed (4 books)
Mixed (12 books)
Nature (4 books)
Retold Stories (4 books)
Retold Stories (8 books)
Nature (36 books)
Mixed (30 books)
Family (3 books)
Mixed (4 books)
Mixed (12 books)
Mixed (8 books)
This part includes all books with a religious content that have not already been listed as part of a series in another section.
Religion (4 books)
Religion (2 books)
Religion (15 books)
Religion (2 books)
Religion (8 books)
Religion (15 books)
Religion (2 books)