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Our Book Listing is divided into various categories and is not yet fully complete. If the book or short story you are looking for is not listed, please try again another day. Under each section there is a brief explanation of which books are included in that section and why.

What's in our database so far?

186 novels/novelettes with 5 poems
274 character books with 852 short stories and 2 poems
1001 short story series books with 8247 short stories, 2 play, and 531 poems
269 education books with 1287 short stories, 64 plays, and 628 poems
324 recreation books with 917 short stories, 0 play, and 272 poems
( 2054 total books with 12807 total short stories, plays and poems * )

We also have...

225 continuation books (written by other authors)
296 Blyton contributions (published in non-Blyton books)
292 book reviews
5858 book cover images (including reprints)
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* Some stories are used more than once. Of 12807 short stories, plays and poems there are actually 7778 unique titles. However, in some cases two totally different stories share the same title, so even this number is not absolutely spot on.


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