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Stories from World History Retold - Tales of the Romans
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First edition: 1934
Publisher: Evans Brothers
Illustrator: Uncredited
Category: Kingsway Supplementary Readers
Genre: Retold Stories
Type: Readers

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List of Contents

  1. Romulus and Remus
    Story: Teachers World No.1288 Jun 6, 1928
  2. How Horatius Kept the Bridge
    Story: Teachers World No.1290 Jun 20, 1928
  3. Corialanus, the Exile
    Story: Teachers World No.1295 Jul 18, 1928
  4. How Hannibal Crosed the Alps
    Story: Teachers World No.1300 Aug 15, 1928
  5. How the Romans Were Saved
    Story: Teachers World No.1301 Aug 22, 1928
  6. The End of Carthage
    Story: Specially Written