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How to Count (No.61)
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First edition: 1930
Publisher: Birn Brothers
Illustrator: Uncredited
Category: Hidden Wheel Verse Books
Genre: Learning
Type: Poetry and Song Books

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Review by Terry Gustafson
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A very simple book containing a mere six or so pages which is just the right size for a very young child who is learning to count. The front and back covers have nice bright pictures on them and there is a numbered spin-wheel attached to the front cover to make things easier for everyone. As the small boy or girl would probably be unable to read the words the scenario would be that of the child and the mother sitting at a little table with their heads bowed together in the classic pose. The pictures are large and three-toned (red, white and black) and whilst the little one peruses them, the mother/teacher can read about One Chick and One Duck which makes Two and the pictures lead on to their visiting a Pig — and that makes Three. On each page one animal is added. A Dog, a Bunny and a Cat appear as the tale continues — now how many is that? I've lost count! Yes, that's Six and lastly there appears a Raven. A brick house has been built for the cat so the Raven nests in the chimney and the others stay for the night. I had better point out a mistake here because we need to know about these things. All of them light candles and say they'll go up to bed but the house is a bungalow.

Now... to cement everything into the little mind, Enid Blyton takes the child backwards. The Dog goes out to howl at the moon so there are Six. Next day the remaining characters peep at some hives of bees and one chases the Raven away so that's let me see now... Six? No, Five! The next page shows them in a row-boat with a fairly healthy depiction of the White Cliffs of Dover in the background. The Duck falls out of the boat which I suppose doesn't really matter to such a creature and in the next thrilling adventure — Tibby the Cat runs off to chase a mouse. The Bunny, the Chick and the fat little Pig go to fly kites and very unfortunately the strong wind blows the Bunny "...right up in the sky." Two left! There is now a gruesome death in the family — "The Pig and the Chick yawned a very big yawn and both went to sleep in the sun, which melted the poor little chick away, and then of course there was One!"

The whole book from a scarce book that has never been reprinted.