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Enid Blyton's Fifteenth Tell-a-Story Book
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First edition: 1966
Publisher: World Distributors
Illustrator: Uncredited
Category: Tell-a-Story Books
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. Off With Their Shadows!
    Story: Sunny Stories No.532 May 2, 1952
  2. Betsy-May at Night
    Story: Tales of Betsy-May, Methuen Nov 1940
  3. Here Comes the Sugar-Tongs
    Story: Sunny Stories No.534 May 30, 1952
  4. The Toys' Holiday
    Poem: Sunny Stories No.31 Aug 13, 1937
  5. Mr. Twiddle's Mistake
    Story: Hello, Mr. Twiddle!, George Newnes Jun 1942
  6. It's Christmas Time
    Story: Enid Blyton's Magazine No.26 Vol.2 Dec 22, 1954
  7. The Puppy's Good Day
    Poem: Sunny Stories for Little Folks No.67 Apr 1929
  8. The Forgotten Canary
    Story: Enid Blyton's Friendly Story Book, Brockhampton Press May 1954
  9. Master Meddle and the Birds [Mister Meddle and the Birds]
    Story: Mister Meddle's Mischief, George Newnes Feb 1940
  10. Buttercup Magic
    Story: Sunny Stories No.533 May 16, 1952
  11. The Funny Balloon-Face
    Story: Enid Blyton's Story Book for Fives to Sevens, Max Parish Jun 1964
  12. Mollie's Friend
    Poem: Sunny Stories for Little Folks No.61 Jan 1929
  13. Mr. Stamp-About in a Fix
    Story: Sunny Stories No.521 Nov 30, 1951
  14. The Golliwogs Three
    Story: Happy Day Stories, Evans Brothers Nov 1960
  15. Away They Went
    Story: Sunny Stories No.529 Mar 21, 1952
  16. Goodbye Master Meddle [Goodbye Mister Meddle]
    Story: Merry Mister Meddle, George Newnes Nov 1954
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