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First edition: 1962
Publisher: Oliphants
Illustrator: Dorothy Hall
Category: Oliphants Day Series
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. She Never Could Remember
    Story: Sunny Stories No.469 Nov 11, 1949
  2. A Hole in Her Pocket
    Story: Playways Magazine Apr 1952
  3. A Tale of Two Boys—and a Kitten
    Story: Sunny Stories No.512 Jul 27, 1951
  4. Mr. Squiggle
    Story: Sunny Stories No.505 Apr 20, 1951
  5. They Didn't Do What They Said
    Story: Sunny Stories No.498 Jan 12, 1951
  6. A Tale of Two Cowards
    Story: Sunny Stories No.479 Mar 31, 1950