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Jolly Tales (Little Story Book No. 24)
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First edition: 1961
Publisher: Johnston & Bacon
Cover Art: Sinclair
Illustrator: Douglas Cuthill
Category: Johnston & Bacon Little Story Books
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. The Donkey on the Sands
    Story: Sunny Stories No.192 Sep 13, 1940
  2. Belinda's Blackberries
    Story: Sunny Stories No.196 Oct 11, 1940
  3. The Magic Conker
    Story: Sunny Stories No.197 Oct 18, 1940
  4. "What! No Cheese!"
    Story: Sunny Stories No.189 Aug 23, 1940
  5. Ronnie's Red Indian Hat
    Story: Sunny Stories No.192 Sep 13, 1940
  6. The Very-full Stocking
    Story: Sunny Stories No.206 Dec 20, 1940