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Enid Blyton's Magazine Annual Number 3
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First edition: 1956
Publisher: Evans Brothers
Cover Art: Grace Lodge
Illustrator: listed with stories
Category: Enid Blyton's Magazine Annuals
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents
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  1. Five—and a Half-Term Adventure! {Famous Five]
    Illustrations: Eileen A. Soper
    Story: Specially Written
  2. Do Be Careful, Noddy!
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Story: Picture Strip - Specially Written
  3. Amelia Jane and the Keys
    Illustrations: Sylvia I. Venus
    Story: Specially Written
  4. Pink-Whistle Gives a Helping Hand
    Illustrations: Dorothy M. Wheeler
    Story: Specially Written
  5. Brer Fox is not the Clever One!
    Illustrations: Grace Lodge
    Story: Specially Written
  6. Things Always Happen to You Two
    Illustrations: Alice Bush
    Story: Specially Written
  7. Mr. Twiddle's Burglar
    Illustrations: Hilda McGavin
    Story: Specially Written
  8. Donald is Very Busy
    Illustrations: uncredited
    Story: Specially Written
  9. An Afternoon With the Secret Seven
    Illustrations: Burgess Sharrocks
    Story: Specially Written
{ } indicates popular characters where not mentioned in the title

Wraparound dustwrapper illustrated by Grace Lodge

Front endpapers illustrated by A. Burgess Sharrocks
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