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The Two Sillies and Other Stories
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First edition: 1952
Publisher: J. Coker
Illustrator: Douglas Cuthill and Oxley
Category: Coker Series
Genre: Mixed
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. The Two Sillies
    Story: Teachers World No.1470 Jul 29, 1931
  2. The Cold, Cold Nose
    Story: Teachers World No.1594 Dec 13, 1933
  3. Mr. Waddle's Tables
    Story: Teachers World No.1601 Jan 31, 1934
  4. The Great Big Bone
    Story: Teachers World No.1606 Mar 7, 1934
  5. The Eel in the Pond
    Story: Teachers World No.1590 Nov 15, 1933
  6. The Little Penny Purse
    Story: Teachers World No.1443 Jan 21, 1931
  7. The Lambikin in the Drumikin
    Story: Teachers World No.1439 Dec 24, 1930
  8. The Parcel in the Road
    Story: Teachers World No.1477 Sep 16, 1931
  9. A Christmas Story
    Story: Teachers World No.1386 Dec 18, 1929
  10. The Watchman With a Hundred Eyes
    Story: Specially Written
  11. The Maiden Who Talked Too Much
    Story: Specially Written
  12. The Boy Who Drove the Sun-Horses
    Story: Specially Written
  13. Clytie, the Sunflower Maiden
    Story: Specially Written
  14. The King Who Changed Things to Gold
    Story: Specially Written
  15. Arachne, the Girl Who Boasted
    Story: Specially Written
  16. The King With the Ass's Ears
    Story: Specially Written