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First edition: 1952
Publisher: J. Coker
Illustrator: Douglas Cuthill and Oxley
Category: Coker Series
Genre: Animal/Nature
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. Pipes For Old Puff
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1931 Sep 23, 1945
  2. The Dog Goes to School
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1940 Nov 25, 1945
  3. The Little Down Cushion
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1933 Oct 7, 1945
  4. Red for Danger
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1939 Nov 18, 1945
  5. A Little Bit of Magic
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1937 Nov 4, 1945
  6. My Nut, I Think!
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1936 Oct 28, 1945
  7. Mollie's Fancy Dress
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1935 Oct 21, 1934
  8. A Feast of Honey
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1934 Oct 14, 1945
  9. "I'll Come With You!"
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1932 Sep 30, 1945
  10. The Blackbird and the Wasp
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1930 Sep 16, 1945
  11. Pins and Needles!
    Story: Sunday Mail No.1942 Dec 9, 1945
  12. Nesting-Time
    Story: Specially Written
  13. Eggs of All Kinds
    Story: Specially Written
  14. Bird Babies
    Story: Specially Written
  15. The Birds' Playtime
    Story: Specially Written
  16. A Very Long Journey
    Story: Specially Written
  17. Making Friends With the Birds
    Story: Specially Written