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Mister Meddle's Mischief
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First edition: 1940
Publisher: George Newnes
Illustrator: Joyce Mercer and Rosalind M. Turvey
Category: Mister Meddle
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Short Story Books

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  1. Mister Meddle's Morning
    Story: Sunny Stories No.103 Dec 30, 1938
  2. Mister Meddle and the Conjurer
    Story: Sunny Stories No.109 Feb 10, 1939
  3. Mister Meddle at the Station
    Story: Sunny Stories No.127 Jun 16, 1939
  4. Mister Meddle Goes Out to Tea
    Story: Sunny Stories No.131 Jul 14, 1939
  5. Mister Meddle on the Farm
    Story: Sunny Stories No.134 Aug 4, 1939
  6. Mister Meddle Goes to the Grocer's
    Story: Sunny Stories No.138 Sep 1, 1939
  7. Mister Meddle's Parcel
    Story: Sunny Stories No.142 Sep 29, 1939
  8. Mister Meddle and the Birds
    Story: Sunny Stories No.144 Oct 13, 1939
  9. Mister Meddle Goes Out to Stay
    Story: Sunny Stories No.156 Jan 5, 1940
  10. Mister Meddle and the Snow
    Story: Sunny Stories No.158 Jan 19, 1940
  11. Mister Meddle Goes Out Shopping
    Story: Sunny Stories No.160 Feb 2, 1940
  12. Mister Meddle Drives the Train
    Story: Sunny Stories No.162 Feb 16, 1940
  13. Mister Meddle and the Clock
    Story: Sunny Stories No.164 Mar 1, 1940

Cover of the 1st edition illustrated by Joyce Mercer and Rosalind M. Turvey

Frontispiece from the 1st edition illustrated by Joyce Mercer and Rosalind M. Turvey

Title Page from the 1st edition
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