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Tim, Toots & Teeny Annual [1937]
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First edition: 1936
Publisher: George Newnes
Cover Art: Uncredited
Illustrator: see contents
Category: Tim, Toots & Teeny Annuals
Genre: Mixed
Type: Blyton Contributions

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List of Contents

  1. The Dancing Fairy
    Illustrations: D.E. Burton
    Poem: Newnes' Children's Summer Annual [1929]
  2. The Unlucky Feather - A Tale of the Flopperty Bird
    Illustrations: Horace J. Knowles
    Story: Newnes' Children's Summer Annual [1929]
  3. Elfin Homes, Credited to Audry Saint Lo
    Illustrations: Horace J. Knowles
    Poem: Newnes' Children's Summer Annual [1929]
There were six Tim, Toots & Teeny Annuals before this one, but none of them had any Blyton contributions. There is also a 1938 annual which I haven't seen, which has a fairground picture on the front cover and this may well have some Blyton contributions in it as well.