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Young Children's Stories (Volume Two) (TC-EB 250280/2)
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First edition: 1986
Publisher: Harbour (EMI Australasia)
Cover Art: Val Biro
Illustrator: Uncredited
Category: Harbour Twin Pack Cassettes
Genre: Mixed
Type: Cassettes

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Cassette One
Side 1:

The Runaway Cows
Stones For a Donkey
The Boy Who Found Tenpence

Side 2:
Melia's Moneybox
The Princess and the Cottage Girl

Cassette Two
Side 1:

The Wonderful Conjurer
The Little Girl Who Was Afraid
We Are Friends (Part 1)

Side 2:
We Are Friends (Part 2)
Lucy Lively and Dicky Dull
Little Mr. Sly