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Tales from Toyland
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First edition: 1994
Publisher: Templar Publishing
Cover Art: Phil Garner
Illustrator: listed with stories
Category: Templar Tales Series
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Short Story Series Books

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List of Contents

  1. The Toys' Great Adventure [They Ran Away Together]
    Illustrations: Phil Garner
    Story: They Ran Away Together, Brockhampton Press, Oct 1948
  2. Journey to Rainbow's End [The Little Walking House]
    Illustrations: Mike Dodd
    Story: My Enid Blyton Book No.1, Latimer House, 1948
  3. The Very Old Teddy Bear
    Illustrations: John Bennett
    Story: The Enid Blyton Pennant Readers 9, Macmillan, Apr 1950
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